November 05, 2006

Bernie's lady friends (and assorted lady-like man-friends) had her baby shower this afternoon, so a bunch of my troupe-mates and assorted lady-like lady friends decided that I needed an anti-shower. After the Evil ones (with attached Girl) assembled at our house, we started off on our road trip to La Grange, on which we stopped at many establishments beginning with a "W", including the Waffle House and Weikels, returning with full bellies and poppy seed rolls. Cigars were obtained. We headed to the Hideout theater. Many glasses of absinthe were drunk. Shows were performed in dubious conditions. Time was lost. The last images I have are of a woman in a gorilla suit and a man on the catwalk with a gun. This was a good day.

(November 05, 2006 03:51 AM)
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