November 13, 2006

What a great improv weekend.

On Thursday, saw two shows at Coldtowne - "Spices" with Shannon McCormick telling stories of his adventures on the high seas, and Parallelogramophonograph's "After School Special" show, which is exactly what it sounds like, only awesomer.

On Friday, watched the Threefer with the Leading Brands, McNichol and May, and Curtis Needs A Ride, then the Double Barrel with Pgraph's one year anniversary show and a musical from Girls, Girls, Girls! Then, the Cagematch with Chris Trew and Arthur Simone Sing Songs From "Rent" and Andrea anc Cody's bit, something Sunhine OBGYN and a Purple Bear With No Birthday. It was long, anyway, and super funny.

On Saturday, there was a good Gorilla Theatre, then I played Maestro and won, and then stayed for the AIC Lieography show, where I played a fictionaly history of Woodrow Wilson.

On Sunday, went to the Artist's Way meeting, then hung out in an alley downtown dressed as a ninja for the Go Game, then ran over to the AIC Awards ceremony - IFE won the award for having the best schwag, and Jason won best party house, and Bob got a special tech ninja award for working his ass off on the websites and whatnot. Appreciating your tech dudes == good.


Today, I'm off to work in an office downtown. Then, more work from home. Yay, contracting.

Also, we're at 36 weeks! Soon!

(November 13, 2006 01:00 PM)
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