December 19, 2006
dirt and ass

I actually made it out tonight - first for a brief slice of rehearsal with a new improv project that involves making up stories and songs, and then busting over to the other side of campus to meet up with the rest of IFE for a session with kung-fu badass Dave Buckman, who kicked our asses for a couple hours to help us suck a little bit less. Bonus - everyone showed up to rehearsal, which was great. We had a troupe meeting afterwards to discuss some stuff, like where we're going, what we want to work on, if we should get a regular coach and who it should be, and so on. There was some spirited back-and-forth, but the group is tight, and consensus was gingerly approached, then quickly chloroformed, duct-taped, and thrown in the trunk as we sped off to parts unknown.

The big news - Parallelogramophonograph asked us to share their slot at the Coldtowne theatre through January and February. We accepted. This is very exciting. We're used to doing three, maybe four shows every two months or so at the Hideout, so an eight week run of Thursday shows (in addition to our regular schedule) is going to be a blast, and a lot of busy busy. We don't really have time between now and then to put together something as kickass as the show deserves, but I think that we'll be doing just fine with what we've got now. So, maybe a dozen shows or so, plus rehearsals for two troupes, plus a six-week narrative improv workshop starting in January with Shana and a few other classes here and there... should be a thoroughly exhausting and interesting couple of months to start off the new year.

(Speaking of, Jason made some IFE onesies for Paidia, which are awesome. That kid has some big-ass hands.)

In other news, I'm just about ready to assemble and ship my new board game, Honeypot. (Link forthcoming, as soon as I finish up the new Gizmet pages...) I got the proof from my board printers today, and they say that it'll be all printed up tomorrow! I've got a bunch of stickers to stick on parts, and my packaging tubes should be in by the end of the week, so in theory, they'll be on sale come Monday or so. Very exciting. Makes a lovely Crimbo gift!

Other than that bit of running around, been doing a lot of cooking, cleaning, running errands, and taking care of the girls. Pai's doing really well, the midwife says that she looks perfect, and Bernie is trooping along, magically transforming the food that I bring her into tasty stuff that she squirts at the baby. The whole thing is totally cool and weird, but we're making it go. Folks are visiting now and then, bringing snacks by every once in a while, my sister has moved back to town, and we have folks coming in at the end of the week (Bernie's mom) and just after Christmas (my dad), in addition to the family in Austin, so we're pretty solid for support. We're a little frayed around the edges, but good.

I also got a haircut today at Bird's. That place rocks.

Foods now.

(December 19, 2006 11:39 AM)
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