January 05, 2007

IFE had our first show tonight in our two-month run at Coldtowne with Parallelogramophonograph. It was a show, all right. Fortunately, our newly hired coach, Erika May, was in the audience, and will be helping us smooth out some of the rough spots over the next couple of months. Which is awesome - we took a six-week class from Bob and Erika last year, which kicked ass, and absolutely helped to steer us in the good direction that we've been heading lately. I'm looking forward to what's coming up - including our two shows at the Hideout tomorrow night! (8pm Threefer and 10pm Double Barrel - if you miss 'em, you can make up for it by coming to Coldtowne any of the upcoming Thursdays at 8pm. Just sayin'.)

I've found myself getting back into some HTML work lately (as opposed to the Flash/Actionscript programming and various other "real" coding work that's been paying the bills for the last couple of years), and it's kind of fun. I've been building websites pretty much since there's been a web, and I think I still manage to pick up new stuff every time I put together a new one. I've developed some pretty strong opinions about how stuff should work, and sometimes that causes some friction when I come into contact with other strong-headed developers, but it's good, all around. I have noticed, however, that majcher.com has become my proverbial Barber's Haircut. I haven't touched the main content or layout since I built the last version of my rendering system, which has been abandoned and gathering cobwebs for what, three or four years now? Maybe it's time for an update. When I get some free time. (So... never.)

Paidia continues to eat, sleep, and poop. We took her up to the godless north last night for a family gathering at Grandma Majcher's house, which caused an immediate flurry of high-pitched grackling from the ladies. That was way too much stimulation. Dad and Jane are visiting for the week, too, so we get to see them a good bit, and Katie is down here for good now, which, along with Bernie's mom hanging out and helping for a month or so is just about good enough for me. I've actually mostly been sitting here, banging out computer stuff and helping out when I can. Baby and Bernie are well, work is going well, improv is ramping back up nicely again, and all my side projects are simmering along nicely. Now I could maybe do with some sleep.

(January 05, 2007 01:26 AM)
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