January 05, 2007

Are we doing resolutions? I don't usually do the resolution thing (1024x768, har har har! *BANG*), but everyone on the bloggernets seems to be kicking down, so let's see what I've got.

  • Get out of "fatass" territory, which means losing probably twenty or thirty pounds.
  • To that end, get out and run some more. I don't especially like running, but when we were training for the marathon, that seemed to work pretty well, so let's say three mornings a week.
  • Keep working with my improv crew and continue to get better. Play in at least one out-of-town festival.
  • Publish at least one game per quarter through Gizmet. Now that the cherry is popped with Honeypot, there's no reason not to squeeze out the rest of the stuff in the pipe, and then fill that pipe back up.
  • Get a demo produced and get signed with an agent for voice work.
  • Finish up the seekrit Rails project I'm working on in the next couple months, and improve my Rails-fu in general.
  • Make at least as much money this year through freelance and contract work as I did working full time for The Man last year.
  • Get Paidia started along the path of Girl Genius-hood.
  • Read more fiction. Write some back.
  • Make another list of all the other stuff that I really want to and intend to do at some point, but in all reality probably just won't fit in the available hours any time in the next year.
  • Keep some hours available to do some of that stuff, if I get struck by it.
  • Ride my bike more.
  • Make more lists. Done!

<joel> This is step one. I'm cutting a hole in the box.

(January 05, 2007 01:48 PM)
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