January 08, 2007

Zonking out unexpectedly at 9pm and waking up in the giant beanbag at 4am isn't the best way to keep (or establish, really) a regular schedule. Fortunately, a regular schedule is exactly what I don't have right now, so, uh... good! Sleep!

Let's see, working a bunch, which is good, because that means I get paid a bunch. Had a meeting with my voice work teacher, Lainie, about getting a commercial demo put together, which sounds like it's going to be kind of expensive, but worthwhile.

IFE did two shows back-to-back at the Hideout on Friday, the first of which was pretty good, and the second of which was freaking awesome. For us, anyway - we were followed by Get Up, who are super double awesome, so I'm happy for the audience, which was a good size, and included cousin Nick, Dad, and Jane, who had flown in from New York to visit and see Paidia and stuff. We taped the shows in the hopes that one of them would be good enough to use for festival submissions, and I think this one will totally work.

Today (Sunday) was another good day for IFE - we had our first rehearsal as a troupe with Erika May, which went really well. A bunch of us had taken classes from her and Bob a while back, so we're really happy that we can get more of awesome all together. She'll be watching our shows (*cough* eight week run at CTT *cough*) and giving us notes on those, and using them to help us work on what we need work on, and to make what we already do well even better. Even after just the one session with her today, I think we've got a bunch of great stuff to go up with next time - the next couple of months are going to see a big ramp-up of kickass.

After practice, we all geared up and headed over to Kristin's apartment for a troupe photo shoot. And by "shoot", I mean that all of us brought all the weapons we owned (plus a heathy supplement from cousin Nick) and got Laura Steffen, our badass photographer to capture our essence for future schwag, press materials, and festival submission stuff. The shoot itself was a blast, and the photos came out really well. (I'm trying hard not to use the word "awesome" too many times here, but I tell you, it's a chore.) I can't wait to see what all comes out of this.

I also finished Bully. That was fun.

(January 08, 2007 06:59 AM)
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