January 14, 2007

Garg, my voice, my throat. Jason threw a "hooray, the holidays are over" party on Saturday, and all the cool improviser kids were there. Guitar Hero competitions, hanging out on the cold back porch smoking cigars and watching people press their already cold faces up against the shot luge, singing way too much karaoke, finishing off two big bottles of Barenjager, and so forth. Folks from Maestro came, folks from the Platforms show came, everyone came to Hoover's Evil Blanket, and since it was but-ass cold outside, everyone was inside. That was pretty fun - we eventually cleared out of there around six in the morning, and canceled our usual Sunday rehearsal. A few hardy souls made it out to Hoover's (the other Hoover's) for a lunch-breakfast, but there was a lot of recuperating going on.

On the home front, we fed Paidia her first bottle full of boobie juice today, so now maybe Bernie will get a little break from feeding every now and again, and I can take on some of that sleep debt that she's been racking up.

Here's a spinny rocketship to break up the text, inspired by a bit at Lost Garden.

(Oh, hey, the game that I did some level design for is out now - check out Playing With Fire. I don't get any royalties or anything, but it's fun, and it was fun to work on.)

Speaking of games, we played a whole bunch of 'em at Great Hall on Friday. Cash and Guns (with actual foam guns!), some Wiz-War, Tsuro, and a few rounds of Jungle Speed. Ahhh, Jungle Speed. I like me some games.


So, at Hoovers, we had the good idea to go back over to Jason's afterwards to play some games. I ran home to pick up a bag of favorites, and by the time we arrived at the Evil Blanket, we discovered that it was not warm, on account of his heater breaking down sometime in the night. Not wanting to take the chance of having to resort to huddling and cannibalism should we be trapped there, the gang headed over and converged on Kristin's apartment, which not only had a supply of fresh heat, but is close enough to food sources should things go south. It wound up being me, Jason, Kristin, Matt, Andy and Nadine playing a bunch of games in various combinations as people came and went, including Category 5, My Word, Jungle Speed, Wise or Otherwise, Falling, Blink, and some I'm sure I've forgotten. Yay, games. Then, home and sleep. Yay, sleep.

We're getting that winter storm in tonight, it looks like. Let's see if we get iced in...

(January 14, 2007 02:17 PM)
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