January 18, 2007

Yes, I managed to make it out twice yesterday. After a spectacularly unproductive day of staring at work and trying to force something interesting to happen by sheer force of will, I was elected to drive up to the Salt Lick 360 to pick up a bunch of tasty meat for Bernie and her mom and myself. That place is a total 180 from the one out in Driftwood, being situated right up there in the heart of evil. We probably dropped about 90 bucks, all told, but we'll have leftovers for days, and it's still the same tasty stuff. It only took about 45 minutes to get there and back - 22 minutes each way - with maybe an eleven minute wait while they scooped everything together and assembled the ice cream for desserts, so it's a good chunk closer than the usual one, but not as much fun, by far. I was super hungry, and scarfed everything down in about five seconds, before heading out for part two of the evening's festivities.

One of the improv dudes, Orf, is a pretty regular brewer of his own beer, and had arranged a "focus group" for a bunch of us to come over and try some of this year's batch, with more tasty snacky things in between. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to get out to the store due to the recent inclemency, and called it off at the last minute. This did not deter the beer tasting, however - a couple of us (that is, me and an IFE troupemate) altered the plan to just go hang out at the Ginger Man pub downtown to sample some of the tasty selection there. That worked out just fine, and the outing was topped off with a walk over to Opal's for brownie sundaes and a few rounds of "Pirate's Dice". Our weekly show at Coldtowne Theater isn't happening this week, due to a festival, so I'm glad I had the chance to time-shift this week's outing - although, we're the host troupe at the Hideout on Friday, so, there's that. Anyway. Out is good.

The driving around wasn't nearly as treacherous as I'd been lead to believe. There was a little bit of snow and ice on the bridges, but overall, the roads were pretty dry and clear, and the Texans on wheels out there were driving slow enough, for the most part. There were very few people out, though, even during rush hour on the big yuppie commuter highway, which was a refreshing change - it was totally deserted downtown at around 11pm, reminded us of a zombie movie or something. I'm pleased to report that restraint was exercised, though, and no homeless people were decapitated accidentally. Chalk one up for our side.

(January 18, 2007 09:56 AM)
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