January 19, 2007

Sore. There's a juggling group in town that's pretty big, but I just heard about it recently. My troupemate Kristin mentioned it a few days ago, that she used to hang out with them all the time, and that their meetings were on Thursday nights, and since our run at Coldtown was preempted this week, that I should check it out, so I did.

I've got some clubs (and torches, and machetes, and etc) from when I used to juggle fairly regularly a while back, but they've been sitting in the closet for a long, long time. I didn't even know where they were - Bernie had to dig them out from where she saw them last. So, I grabbed those, and we headed over to the church on campus where they meet (on account of the high ceilings). There were a whole mess of people of all skill levels (which I think I fell neatly on the low-middle range of), and the floor was just covered with clubs of all colors. I just started in with my clubs, and was quickly joined by Kristin's friend Roy, who wanted to pass with me. Urr. I haven't really picked these up in maybe six or seven years, but sure, okay. So, we did that for a while, and he went off to jump in a larger passing group, and I grabbed some rings that were lying around, which I'd never tried before. That went pretty well for a while, I passed some of those with another random guy (James, I think), went back to the clubs for a while, switched around, did some more passing/practicing with someone else, and so on. For pretty much three hours straight.

Around ten o'clock, everyone packed up, pushed the tables back to where they're supposed to be, and headed across the way to Conan's for some deep dish pizza - which was super tasty. My cousin Nick has been bugging me to go there forever, and I'm lazy, so I hadn't, until last night. And that's why being lazy is dumb. Anyway, it was a really good time, I got to meet a bunch of people - many of whom seemed really familiar to me, and vice versa, which was weird. I know that jugglers generally run in the same kind of nerdy circles as a lot of the other stuff I do - computer stuff, gaming, theater, etc - but I swear at least half a dozen people said, "oh, yeah, I know you from somewhere, right?" when we were introduced. A lot of them remind me of Leri people, which is totally possible, but none of the social probing that we could do in the brief periods we had to figure it out proved fruitful. Ah, well. Good to know another batch of people in town, anyway.

The main point being, I haven't juggled in a long time, and three hours is a long time on top of that. The tips of all my fingers are bruised from mis-catching doubles and triples, my creaky old elbows and shoulders are sore from using them in ways they haven't been used in years, and I think I'm just a little beat all over from doing stuff for that long. I went for a brisk medium-length walk around the neighborhood yesterday afternoon, too, so maybe that's contributing, but man. Feeling old. Gotta do stuff like that more regularly.

And that's why I went down for a two-hour nap this afternoon. Fortunately, I have the excuse of having a warm baby on my chest for the duration. I mean, you can't just get up off the couch whenever you feel like it and wake her up, right?

(January 19, 2007 02:10 PM)
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