February 03, 2007

The Groundhog Day show last night was largely a success. Mike took a suggestion from the audience for a line from a song or movie - a bunch were yelled out at once, but I heard something good, and pointed at someone over on the right side of the theater and asked him to repeat what he said. "I'm nothing without you!" Perfect. So, we just improvised a montage of scenes for about 45 minutes, each of which began with that line. I'm pretty sure we ran through every possible way that could be used, from a guy singing along with a song on his ipod to someone writing it with urine in the snow outside his presumably recently ex-girlfriend's house. There were a lot of relatively serious scenes in the show - Bob and Jason did one set in a college philosophy/literature class that didn't really get any laughs, but was applauded when they left the stage. I love those moments - it's the feeling that we're not just on stage doing wacky shit to make people laugh, but that we're actually creating some kind of interesting theater up there. Not that I've got anything against wacky, but it's nice to know that we can do some real grounded work, too.

I was bitten. Hard. Long story.

Today is going to be a totally lazy day. I've got nothing scheduled, only a tiny bit of work to do, which I can totally put off until tomorrow, and although Start Trekkin' is opening up tonight and there are probably open slots in Maestro, I think I'm just going to sit on my ass all day reading, catching up on the NetFlix, and finishing up watching Spaced, which is fucking brilliant. Yay, nothing to do.

(February 03, 2007 12:32 PM)
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