February 04, 2007

More relaxing. Rehearsal was called off today (after I showed up and waited around for a little bit, of course), and it's super nice out so I spent most of the day reading, hanging out with Bernie and Paidia, sitting on the porch, playing geometry wars, going out for coffee, doing crosswords, and just screwing off in general. I probably should have been working on this build process or picking away at my rails project, but I've been all stressed out and shit lately, and it's been a good weekend to just do nothing.

Also, I love the superbowl. It's like curfew for dipshits out there. I just got back from the grocery store - it's not exactly like 28 Days Later out there, but it's close enough for me. They should do this more often.

(February 04, 2007 07:37 PM)
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