This Month
January 30, 1994 11:06 PM
Top Ten

Once, when I was feeling down on myself, my very good friend Casey Merkey sent this to me via the ds9 mailing list:

From the Home Office in Rochester, NY:

Top Ten Things Marc has Going for Him.

10) Has the good fortune to sound just like Casey on the phone.
9) Has good friends who think he's the shit (sappy, but true).
8) Able to make coffee by pissing in a pot.
7) Low expectations in life make him destined for happiness.
6) One of few people able to quote Monty Python within the confines of
the Chateau and get away with it.
5) Juggles loads better than Naomi.
4) He's Scottish!
D) Does not live with parents.
2) Mastery of Japanese language allows him to convey meaningful
ideas to others in said tongue.
1) He's _not_ Brian!

Cheer up man. Love is gut-wrenching, but that's what makes it so good.
If it was easy in coming, we wouldn't appreciate it. And, you ain't
alone. As long as you have friends, you never will be. That's why
we're so lucky. We've got the best friends a person could ever want.
And that's what really counts. I love you man (gotta end it with
"man" or people will think I'm queer, eh?).

I don't see Casey any more. He got married and decided not to talk to some of his old friends that he and his new bride decided were bad influences. That'd be me. Bad influence.