This Month
May 16, 2000 01:46 AM

I just ate like twenty of the chocolate chip cookies that Bernie baked yesterday. (Not for me, but for the cool facilities people that take such good care of us at work.) Now I'm going to shit butter for two or three days.

May 06, 2000 03:07 AM
Everyone Is Connected

I just finished watching the last three discs of the Lain: Serial Experiments series. Totally mind-blowing, creepy cyberpunk anime. Highly recommended. I can't really say anything about it now - it's going to take at least one more watching through, and a bit of time to percolate in my brain before I can talk about it in any meaningful way.

I also just gave Phil a couple of tarballs worth of Perl code to play with. Set up the Lifebox code, a code snippet database I wrote for work, the usual. It's cool to see someone having Fun With Perl(tm), and extra cool that it's my code that's being had fun with.

Sleepy. Time to sleep.

May 05, 2000 04:40 PM
Yup, it works.

Yup, it all works so far. Got the XML translation going on, adding custom tags as I need them, form/database action all over it. Just added some amazon associates link tags so that I can make a couple of cents off of the curious. Still have to start actually writing. Mostly going to be tech notes at the start, I guess.

((This refers to my old lifebox code, which was a web-based XSLT on-the-fly thinger which rusted and broke. MovableType did exactly what I wanted to do, so I started using the existing tool instead of bringing my own up to their level. True laziness.))

Happy Birthday, Lifebox

Today, my Lifebox is born. Basic code complete at 2AM, 5/5/2000. I can make entries, and people can look at them. Now comes the hard part.