This Month
July 31, 2002 11:12 PM
For 14, you don't look so good.

I just had to have an emergency viewing of Female Trouble to purge my delicate cinematic sensibilities.

If anyone tries to trick you into watching "Poison Ivy 2: Lily" with promises of a naughty, naked Alyssa Milano, don't believe them. Better yet, run. Even better, make sure that they can never make you such a vile offer ever again. Use fire.

Every once in a while, the old Netflix queue kicks out something like that, something that seemed like a good idea a year or two ago, and that eventually percolated up through the 400-odd items on the list, and when it finally showed up, didn't really seem like such a good idea any more. Fortunately, good ones pop up as well - "The General", with Brendan Gleeson and John Voight, was a great one that showed up this week.

In other news, work is going fine - I'm putting along on a couple little projects for my latest client, and they seem to be taking to the working at home thing pretty well. I had to go in today for a meeting, but I really could have done 90% of the work that I did today remotely. It's good to have face-to-face time in a room with the other developers when you're sort of making up requirements as you go along, but new I've got a couple of pages of features and fixes on this thing, and I reckon I can plug away at it for two extra hours a day if I don't have to drive down there. Plus, no pants.

Driving isn't all that bad, though, when it doesn't suck. I stopped and had myself a Taxi Burger on the way home today, which I haven't had in a while, and some of the ideas for this new game I'm working on came together while I was driving and eating. Most of my game-related stuff seem to get stuck in the "treatment" phase these days, but at least it's good writing practice, and I'll have a library of stuff to work on once I get some spare time to work them out.

Oh, yeah, did I mention that we're moving to Austin, Texas in October? Less rent = less work = more time to work on cool stuff. Yay.

July 28, 2002 06:17 PM

Stuff I want to do, but am probably too lazy to get around to, so I'll just talk about it instead, and hope that makes me feel better:

  • Get into some decent kind of shape - now that I went ahead and built a rendering tool, more or less, get off my ass and use it.
  • Turn the pages and pages of treatment documents and specifications for games that I have put together over the last five years into something that works again on
  • Develop my mediocre photography skills a bit more, and put some more effort into taking pictures of naked ladies.
  • Start taking aikido or martial tai chi again
  • Figure out what exactly it is that I know about all this computer stuff, and start writing and giving presentations about it. Would love get a book published and/or talk at conferences.
  • Write a screenplay and/or make an independant digital movie.
  • Get together with The Guys and play board/card/pen and paper games in real life, not on the webernets.
  • Make some kind of music. I can't even see this clearly enough to say what kind, or in what capacity.
  • Start drawing, maybe try some online comic type of thing.
  • Get all my shit together. Organizing all my old junk, and getting rid of everything that I don't need.
  • Start making a bigger dent in my big list of "cool projects that I could actually do" on my whiteboard.
  • Code more. Code better.
  • Develop my consulting gigs into something a bit more respectable. Not just a job here and a job there for a few months when I need the money, but an ongoing pool of clients that I've done work for, and that want me to do work for them. Doing a good job, keeping the people who pay me happy, getting to know more people, and more cool things.
  • Read more books, watch more movies, play more video games.
  • Consume less, produce more.

Well, that seems like a pretty good start. I'll get right on that.

But first, some tater tots.