August 26, 2002 07:19 PM
stupid browser

Well, shit. I had a whole bunch of stuff here about my birthday dinner at Aziza, John and Mary's baby shower in Golden Gate Park, Scott's birthday party over at their house, and a bunch of rambly stuff. Then I hit the wrong button on the browser and it all went away. Teach me to use a form field when I should be using emacs. Dammit.

Maybe I'll recap later. Probably not.

August 24, 2002 01:18 AM
i see a red door

Have I mentioned how cool Twisted Metal: Black is? Real cool. Phil came over after work today, and we played some multiplayer, and it was real cool too. (Well, okay, we both work from home now, but it was after your standard work hours.) I'm two psychos away from finishing the whole story mode, then there's a bunch more I haven't even looked at - challenge mode, endurance mode, all sorts of shooting stuff and making stuff explode modes. Sick, sick, sick.

After Bernie got home from her real job at a real office, she and Phil and I went out to have dinner at our new favorite Ethiopian restaurant across the park. Well, I suppose it's actually Eritrean, but I really don't know enough about the politics and history of that area to know what the difference really is - there was some annexation and civil war thing going on, and I suppose that I really should know about stuff like that, but, you know, who can keep track of all the strife in the world? All I know is that the food is damn tasty and the staff is attractive and friendly. After stuffing ourselves full of spicy meat and spongy bread and honey wine, we walked over to Toy Boat for coffee and olallieberry pie. So full.

So, we rolled home, and Bernie brought out a toolbox full of birthday presents for me. Lots of nice things that I actually need. Hex wrenches and ratchet sets and electric drill-drivers and a really swell over-engineered hammer. Plus, a really cool little notebook and a new sake set. I reckon a good chunk of tomorrow is going to be spent hunting down all the random tools I have lying around the house in little boxes and bags and getting them all together in their proper place, now that they have a proper place to be gotten into.

In other news, our Austin offensive is moving along. I'm going to head down there for a week or two to secure a landing pad for the first of the month, so as to remove as much moving stress as possible. I'll pick up some tickets for a flight down there on the 15th or 16th next month, and see how loosely I can arrange the return trip. Should be enough time to fix it up. Also, I have to give a holler to my grandmother down there, and my cousin Nick, to give the family types a heads up. We're very excited.

So, a day or two ago, I came across this new browser as a replacement for IE on Windows. It's cool. And by cool, I mean totally sweet. It's got all the goodness that IE gives you, plus a ton of nice features like tabbed windows and popup blocking. I'm still finding all the bits and pieces, but I've been using it as my default browser since I installed it, and a half dozen of the noisier kids are loving it, too. Werd.

August 21, 2002 01:59 PM
it was everything that I hoped it could be

Man, I got nothing done yesterday. Not even unproductive stuff, like watching movies or playing games. Oh, well. I did get out last night. A bunch of us met up at Edinburgh Castle for drinks and fish'n'chips - me, Bernie, Phil, Huff, and Jay. Drinking and bitching, and abusing Jay. Always fun.

Sometimes, I'm envious of my associates' websites. I know, like, smart people and stuff. And, apparently, they get stuff done while I miss days at a time. Most recent example: Dave's Flog - a Flash blog aggregator, with email updates and RSS support and stuff. Pretty badass. Dave just recently (for some value of "recently") picked up Perl, and he's loving it. Really digs the whole "suck stuff down from the web and do cool stuff with it" thing. And, you know, rock on.

August 20, 2002 12:53 AM
ceci n'est pas un blog.

Not much interesting today. Worked on work some, gearing up to do some fun XML stuff, had lunch with Phil at King of Thai #2 and got the update from his trip to Japan, played a little Twisted Metal: Black, socialized with the chick (who is recovering nicely) a little bit.

So, in lieu of other news, it's time for us to have The Talk.

I've been writing online since... well, for a while now. I sent my first email around the same time that the Challenger exploded. Apart from a passing interest in BBSs when I was a kid, I got my first real taste of bulletin boards and Usenet news on a Vax/VMS system in 1988, when I started college. I've been on countless mailing lists, some since 1992 or 1993, which I'm still on today. Let's use the "C" word. "Community". Sure, I've been there, since before the first web page got its first hit. A lot - most - of the stuff I've written is gone, probably forever; some of the older stuff should be lost, but isn't. (Thank you, Google, for bringing my misspent youth back to haunt me.) And some things I've written have wound up on my own websites now and then - a lot of those are gone, too.

But enough with the qualifications. What I wanted to get at here is why I'm getting at anything at all. Why am I writing here, out in the open, where everyone can see, and where spiders can come along and archive my babbling for future generations?

Well, there's a couple of reasons.

First off, I just feel like I need to write. Both in the sense that there's words in my head that need to get out, and in the sense that I think it's a good exercise to do so. It's way too easy for me to sit back and just fall into intake mode. I get enough input as it is - books, movies, music, video games, not to mention all that time-sucking stuff out there on the webernets. I could just sit back for a long time and watch until my ass hurt. And, you know, I do that, a lot. Eventually, that makes my brain all mushy, though, and when the time comes that I need to do something, it's hard to snap out of it and get motivated.

So, I code whenever I can; fun stuff, just to get something out there and make it go. I code for a living, though, and after working in the mines all day, sometimes it's a nice change to not work after my work work is done. (Which it never is, of course, but you know what I mean.) I try to build things, maybe draw a little, but my talent in that area is just about zero, so I need to do something else. Hey, turns out I can write okay. So, I do that. I figure if I force myself to write just a little bit every day or so, I can keep the outflow valves on my brain a little better lubricated. Even if I'm just rambling away - much like I'm doing now - just the plain act of thinking a little bit and letting the words fall out of my fingers seems to help. So, first reason: Practice.

Reason number two: it's always nice to keep a journal, so you can look back a year later, and see what you were doing that day. I regularly go though email that I've saved back to 1994 or so, pick a few days and read the trivial (and not so trivial) things that I talk about with my pals. It's good to help keep perspective, and it's good because my memory is complete crap, and if I didn't have a written record of my daily goings on, I'd probably forget what I did yesterday. I look forward to a happy time in the future, when I'm retired and senile, reading and remembering.

Also, now that I think about it, my writing about the mundane bits of my life may just help other people get into my head a little bit. I've got a bit of a reputation in certain circles as a curmudgeon and a crank, a mouthy jerk, and a bit of an ass. Okay, maybe more than a bit. And, sure, I am those things sometimes. Lots of people are. But that's not all I am, and I hope that some of this stuff reflects that sometimes. So, second reason: getting who I am out there for myself and others to gawk at.

Lastly - why in public? Why out on the web? Why a "blog", instead of just keeping a written journal somewhere? Well, first of, this isn't a "blog", so get that idea right out of your head. I'm just writing stuff here. I might link to stuff now and then, but that's not my primary purpose here. Call it a "journal" if you have to, but if you call it a "blog" within earshot, someone's likely to wind up on fire. Just call it "that stuff you write". That's fine with me.

Anyway. My two main reasons for putting this stuff on are: 1) so the stuff I write will be archived by Google and such, in case my server is abducted by aliens or something, and 2) knowing that someone out there may be reading this makes me feel more obligated to write, and less likely to slack off. I've tried keeping a private journal many times in the past, and it never lasts. If I'm just writing for an audience of one, it's real easy to just put it off and put it off, and come back to find a book full of empty pages a year or two later. If I know (or think, at least) that someone might be keeping an eye on this here, I'm a bit more motivated to at least write a paragraph or two about the stupid shit I do every day. Well, we'll see how long that lasts, anyhow.

So, there you go. I don't know if that's too much information, or not enough, but I'm done typing for now. Hm. Still need to do work tonight, too. I guess I'm not done typing, after all.

August 19, 2002 02:00 AM
stuff doesn't fall out when you tip the laptop over

Man, I got nothing done this weekend.

On Friday, I did a little bit of work - writing some unit tests in anticipation of code - and then took Bernie to the dentist's office to have her wisdom teeth out. We got there around 2pm, and all four were supposed to take about two hours. Well, there were complications - her upper popped right out, but her lower left tooth had gnarled its roots around the jawbone so badly that the denist gave up after a couple of hours, put a sedated Bernie in a wheelchair, and took her down to an oral surgeon's office to finish the job. Things went fine, though - the surgeon pulled out some bone fragments and junk and we finally got her home, only a couple of hours late. So, Bernie's been recuperating with the aid of vicodin and ice cream, and I've been keeping her company and making sure that she doesn't run out of either. She was pretty swollen and uncomfortable for the first 24 hours or so, but the swelling has gone down, and she's off the dope and doing fine. A few more days, and she'll be back to her normal non-chipmunk self.

Our living room entertainment for the weekend consisted of a few movies and a new game. We finished watching Whoops Apocalypse (the television series, with Barry Morse and John Cleese, not the movie which came after, and which I know little about), Claire's Knee (which sucked - French, what do you expect?), All About My Mother (Spanish comedy/drama, which I paid little attention to), It Happened One Night (a "screwball comedy", starring Claudette Colbert, who resembles Bernie a little bit, and Clark Gable, who does not resemble me at all), and The Thirteenth Floor (a little bit of Dark City, and a little bit of Matrix - flawed, but didn't suck). The rest of the time, I was either preparing cold or warm mushy food, or playing Twisted Metal: Black - which is probably one of the best twenty bucks I've ever spent on a game. Terribly fun, playable for short bursts or hours at a time, and now in the "Greatest Hits" collection, which means that it's cheap. Joe Bob says check it out.

Next up, more work, and some sleep. Maybe.

Wait a minute. I almost forgot. I wanted to bitch about the sorry state of dentistry before I packed it in.

Isn't this 2002? Is this not the long-awaited and much heralded "twenty-first century"? How long have we been at this tooth and gum thing, anyway? We live in a fairly technically advanced, well-put-together society; we're not common animals here. So why do we still go after rotten teeth with drills and pliers and other various metal instruments of destruction? And then, why do we just spackle the holes over, or stick some manufactured tooth-alikes into the empty sockets, when things are just too far gone to leave things as they are? Don't they have, like, lasers and nanotech for that now? Shouldn't there be some sort of injection, or bacterial culture that we can give everyone at birth to prevent tooth decay? Why are we still hammering on teeth like monkeys? Where's the science, man? I mean, sure, some dentists are better than others - I had a horrible guy this year drill me without novacaine, and then deride me for being a wuss when I complained. (Mikhail Berdichevsky, on Geary St. in San Francisco - see a Russian dentist, run!) But even the "modern" dentists we go to now use the same mechanical and destructive solutions to the inevitable problem; teeth go bad, drill and patch, or yank 'em. Seems like there's a better way. But what do I know?

Okay, now I'm done.

August 13, 2002 11:45 PM
itchy again

So, I learned some important things today. 1) Ben-Hur is a long-ass movie with only one or two good scenes over the course of four hours. 2) Hello Kitty Dream Cakes are the most disgusting snack food ever invented. 3) Every once in a while, Walgreens decides to give you stuff for free. 4) I am allergic to cats, dogs, dust mites, and three kinds of ragweed.

I went to my appointment at the allergist that my sister Katie works for. He said that the itchy bumps I've been getting are just some random allergen-and-dryness-induced eczema or something, and gave me some cream to make it not itch so much until it goes away by iteself. Then my sister stabbed me in the back with sixty-three sharp little pieces of plastic coated with various toxins. Man, that itched. But, at least I know I'm fine - I don't have skin cancer or anything, and I'm not allergic to girls or anything tragic like that. My doctor last week told me that I have the most boring medical history she's ever heard, and I think I'm just fine with that. I think I already said that. Well, I'm pretty boring, too.

Oh, I get to drive down to Menlo Park for some face time with my clients. Boy, do I miss that commute down 101. A month or so ago, when I was doing that every day, I described the 101 as "a giant conveyor belt in an asshole factory". There's just something about driving down there that really makes me lose hope for humanity. Pricks in their SUVs and Lexuses on their cell phones. Yeah, yeah, whatever, you've heard it all before. At least I can find some small joy in rush hour; if you're tooling down the freeway in your luxury sedan, making some big deal on your Nokia, and some dipshit gets in front of you doing the speed limit in the fast lane, that's me. Ass. I love that game.

Speaking of which, I've been playing with some Flash stuff again, trying to get back to this game engine that I keep not working on, and I ran across a couple of nice pages. One on general isometric game stuff, and one by the guy who used to do - which was badass - but now just has a bunch of tutorials and demos on it. Still pretty badass. Puts me to shame.

Been downloading and watching a lot of Six Feet Under, too. My sister hasn't seen a lot of the second season, and I haven't seen any of it, so I'm gonna try to get 'em all and burn some discs for her. People have been raving about it to me for a while - it's not bad. Better than I expected. Sort of like the Sopranos, only no Tony, and most of the people are already dead. And one of the guys looks sort of like a young Charlton Heston. Sort of. Anyway, it's watchable. Sometimes, I miss television. Then I look at my stack of unwatched DVDs and the 430 backed up on my Netflix queue, and I don't miss it so much. Oh, yeah, and the hundreds of hours of video games I still have waiting to be played. Plus, you know, work. And doing stuff outside of work. And... well, yeah, you get the picture.

August 12, 2002 03:42 PM
back to work

Monday, back to slogging crappy Perl code for money. I think I overdosed on antihistimines this weekend - I've been getting hives and rashes and itchiness for the last month or two, and I have no idea what they're from. Over-the-counter allergy medicine seems to make them go away temporarily, but I want them to go away permanently, and the antihistimines make me really, really tired, and nothing gets done. Luckily, my sister is working at some doctor's office downtown, and they're on my insurance, so I'm going down there tomorrow for some allergy tests. Finally, she will be able to fulfill her lifelong dream of scratching me up and injecting all sorts of nasty things into me to see if I puff up or not. Yay.

On saturday, we went to see the final midnight mass at the Bridge theater here; that screen classic, Mommie Dearest. The show was great, as usual, with mother/daughter drag queen wrestling and a tearful farewell lip-sync performance by Peaches herself. Bernie had never seen the movie before, and everyone was hootin' and hollerin' so much that nobody could really make out any of the dialog, so I picked up the DVD for her yesterday, so that we could bask in the glow of Ms. Dunaway as Ms. Crawford in the comfort of our own home. And bask we did.

Also picked up a few other movies while I was out, including Flash Gordon and LotR:tFotR. Something I've noticed about stores like, say the Wherehouse - they tend to be staffed by stoner college slackers who could give a shit about movies and such, so they're pretty cavalier about pricing used DVDs. Example: Flash Gordon, which is out of print, and sells for $50-$60 anywhere that bothers to check the price, was sitting in the used bin at Wherehouse for sixteen bucks. Uh, score. I'll have to take a closer look around there next time for stuff I'm having trouble getting my hands on at more respectable establishments. I mean, I love places like Green Apple, and I'm all about supporting local businesses, but forty bucks is forty bucks, man.

August 09, 2002 05:47 PM
no more full house

Well, the folks are on their way back home. Took them off to the airport a few hours ago, and got to straightening up the place. Plus, lunch.

My sister came back over to hang out yesterday. Bernie had to work, so the rest of us went over to the park to bum around the botanical gardens and the japanese tea garden. Grabbed lunch at Einstein's Sandwiches on 9th Ave, which was super good, came back home for a bit, went out and had a few beers at O'Rourke's, came back home for a bit. Bernie came home from work, and we walked down to Gaspare's for dinner. We had to wait for a while for a table, so Gaspare himself came out and brought us a bottle of wine to drink outside while we were waiting. Nice. Plus, really good food.

We were going to go down to the Drift for some drinks with the guys, but wound up lolling around the apartment and going to bed early. Which worked out just fine, since we were late, and people went to hang out on the patio at Zeitgeist instead. Then, this morning, wake up, get coffee, get them packed, and get them off to SFO. All in all, a pretty fun visit. Good to see the folks again. Got to get together with my sister some more before we go to Austin.

Now is the time for checking a week's worth of work email, catch up on my webernet reading, and start figuring out what needs to get done next week. I can't wait to slack off and rest this weekend. Starting.... now.

August 07, 2002 11:52 PM
police brutality
<dave> I'm starting to feel like the Danny Glover character in the Lethal Weapon series. <jorm> when do we get to have you strip down to your underwear and attack a flame-thrower weilding lunatic? <dave> well, marc gets here in two months.

So, my day consisted of waking up, getting coffee, and sitting down with my dad and finishing Max Payne. Good little game. Very cinematic, lots of shooting and sploding. Bernie and Jane went out shopping for fabric or something while we stayed home and wrought vengeance on the underbelly of the crime world. Bernie gave us a call around one or two in the afternoon to see if we were bored and wanted to get lunch. Heh. Girls are funny.

<dad> Allright! I've got me a gun and some bullets! What more could a man ask for? <me> Something to shoot at! Over there! *bang*bang*bang*

Eventually they came home, and we went to Mel's Drive-In for dinner after fiddling on the computer a bit more. Came back, watched Evil Dead 2, then bed. Tomorrow, more fun. Plus, drinking.


I'm pretty freakin' tired, but I feel like I should write, so here.

Yesterday morning, I had a doctor's appointment for a checkup. The doctor was on vacation, so my checkup was performed by the nurse practicioner instead. Holy crap she was cute. Made the nut-squeezing part less unpleasant. Anyway, itt went pretty smoothly - everything is in order, and she said that I had the most boring medical history she'd ever heard, which seems good. She also asked what I did for exercise, and I told her that I placed Dance Dance Revolution a lot, and she got a kick out of that, and we talked about how those little punk kids are so good and it and stuff.

Afterwards, I stopped for a minute outside to watch some old Chinese guys practicing t'ai chi and kung fu in the park across the street. Very neat. One guy was doing some kata with a fan that I haven't seen before. Fun. I should go back and watch more one of these days.

So, later on that evening, my sister picked up my dad and stepmom from the airport and brought them over here. They're in town from Rochester, NY for a few days, and they're staying with us. We went over to our favorite ethiopian restaurant over here, New Ertria, and met my sister's girlfriend Kat for dinner over there. Damn, that's some tasty stuff.

Today, the girls went shopping downtown, and I went over to the San Francisco Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park. Checked out the Powers of Ten exhibit, the dinosaur stuff, the aquarium, the usual. Afterwards, we walked over to Clement for lunch at King of Thai, and stopped into Green Apple to look at books and stuff. I wound up getting a couple of new (to me) Alfred Bester books, and a couple of used video games - Red Faction for PS2, and Max Payne for the PC. Came home and wound up playing Max Payne for several hours until the chicks got back, then went to some crappy yuppie restaurant (Park Chow) that my sister likes. Hung out a bit, drove my sister home in Berkeley. Sleepy now.

I was going to go down to Jackson Arms to shoot some with dad, but he tore some ligaments in his arm a few weeks back, and didn't think it would be such a good idea this time around. Maybe next time. Also, didn't make it out to the Drift tonight. Maybe tomorrow, if I can round up a few of my degenerate friends to come out and drink with us.

Speaking of which, our friend Mel (of the Austin Dave and Mel) is well on her way to joining a roller derby team down there. Crazy. More details on her site.

More later.

August 05, 2002 01:42 AM
Austin FAQ

Oh yeah, people were asking me questions about our move to Austin today, and my man Dave suggested that I write an FAQ. So, here's my first quick shot at one:

1) You're moving to Austin? Why?

Why not? I moved out to California from Manhattan about seven years
ago, in 1995, and I've been in San Francisco for the last five or so.
I think that's plenty long.

2) When are you moving?

Our official plan is to be down there in the middle of October.

3) How are you getting down there?

Driving. Probably take it easy, make a vacation of it. On the way
out, probably stop at Bernie's folks' place, Las Vegas, and many other
exciting attractions along the way.

4) Okay, but how are you getting all your stuff down there?

We're still working on that. Most likely one of two ways: 1) Rent a
truck and drive that down, either towing the car, or in a mini-convoy.
Or, 2) pay someone a bunch of money to move our stuff down there, and
just take the car. We'll see which looks better as the date approaches.

5) Have you been to Austin before?

Oh, yeah, sure, bunches of times. Most of 'em before I was thirteen
or so, though. I did spend a week down there for business a couple of
years ago, but I pretty much only saw the inside of the Corporation,
so that doesn't really count. Bernie has never been to Austin.

6) Don't you think you should check it out before you move there?

Yeah, well, I think we'll do allright. We've had agents scouting the
area, and all reports come back positive.

7) So, where are you planning on living?

So far, South Austin sounds like the place where all the cool kids hang out. We'll have to take a look around and see what's what, but that sounds like a good start.

8) How long are you planning on staying there?

The Official Plan says six months. The Unofficial Plan says, "until
we get sick of it". I reckon it could be a wihle.

9) Do you know anybody living down there?

We know tons of people on the ground there. First off, most of my
dad's side of the family is in and around Austin. We've got a ton of
freak friends from Leri who've been setting up shop down there over
the last few years. Most recently, our pals Dave and Mel moved down
there last year about this time, and we've been in constant contact
with them.

10) You know it gets hot down there, right?

Two words: air conditioning. We'll be starting out in the fall and
winter months, so we'll get a chance to build up a tolerance to the
Texas weather.

11) How are you planning on making a living down there?

Smuggling cocaine and small arms to revolutionary groups just across
the Mexico border. If that doesn't pan out, we'll keep doing the
webernet contracting thing.

12) So, do you have a job down there or something?

Nope. In fact, we're both working up here right now. Hopefully, at
least one of our jobs will carry over after we move.
Mmmm.... telecommuting. Fortunately, our rent is going to be something like a bit more than half of what we're paying now, so we won't have to grovel at the corporate teat as much as we do in San Francisco.

13) Hm...I'm intrigued. Tell me more.

You want some more? Here's some more:

brain erase 90% complete

Once upon a time, there was an excellent movie called Rollerball, with James Caan. 25 years later, some dickless, dead-eyed movie studio executive on a coke binge watched a little bit too much MTV, an decided that there needed to be a sequel, only with shitty editing, no story, and lots of boobies. Fortunately, that atavistic bastard died of a massive cranial embolism that evening, and the sequel was never made. Anyone who tells me otherwise is likely to get a sudden, sharp blow to the throat. If I could get a little finer control on this Brain Eraser Machine, I could probably just remember the parts with boobies, but I'm fine with the way it works now.

In brighter news, I just read the first two books of J. Michael Straczynski's Rising Stars, one of the finest comics I've had the pleasure to read in quite some time. Has a bit of the flavor of the old Miracleman, with a touch of Watchmen, but totally new, and very well done. The only problem is, now I have to wait for the rest of the story.

Gamescape didn't have the games I wanted. Probably for the best, since I probably wouldn't be playing them anytime soon, anyway. I think I'll walk up to Toys'R'Us and get myself a Deluxe Dino Playset instead. I'm pretty sure that's the exact same one I had as a kid. We'll see.

August 04, 2002 01:00 PM
getting stuff done

Got a lot of stuff done yesterday. Finished up my work responsibilities, so I can have a stress-free weekend and next week, cleaned up the front part of the apartment a lot in preparation for the folks, read the new Cerebus trade paperback, pushed out two new tarballs of updated xhibition code, played some DDR and some Wipeout:Fusion, did the laundry, and took a long walk around the neighborhood, ending up at Mel's Diner for dinner. Whew.

Today, my plans include dropping off Jay's lockpicks and getting my Lain DVDs back from him, riding down to the local game store to see if I can't get me some new games, and maybe eating me some donut holes later on. Need to rest, though. Maybe I'll take a nap first.

August 03, 2002 10:27 AM

I've got a black denim shirt that I wear most days, over a t-shirt. It's a good layer of warmth when I ride, and it's got extra pockets to put junk into. I needed to hop across the park, and I spent about twenty minutes searching the house for it - very strange, since I always dump my stuff in the same place when I come in, and it wasn't there. I hate the crazy feeling I get when I know something has to be there, and it's not. Anyway, after scouring every square inch of the palatial Majcher estate, I figured I had to have left it somewhere; long story short, I was a dumbass, and left it at Toy Boat, where I had a mediocre turkey sandwich the day before. I have no idea how I managed that. Anyway.

After calling to make sure the shirt was there, I saddled up and made my way across the park, to a barber shop on Irving and 20th that someone had recommended. I've made a resolution not to get my hair cut at anyplace that has the words "Salon", "Style", or "Shear" in its name. I just want some old white guy with a razor and a pair of scissors to cut my damn hair for ten bucks, no chit-chat. (Although I do miss our funky punk chick hairdresser of late, Donnelle, but I just don't feel motivated to spend more than a few bucks on my hair any more.) I've been doing the "shave my head bald and let it grow out" thing for a while, so I figured I'd see what an actual haircut would look like again. Well, let me tell you, it looks bad. I think I'm going to go back to my Play-Doh Fun Factory method.

So, back to my side of the park to get my shirt from Toy Boat, and get lunch at the King of Thai - #21 with chicken and a coke. I go there probably three times a week on average, and I barely sit down before they start cooking up my tasty gound bird and vegetables. "The same?" This time, the dish was a little less spicy than usual, so I went to put some crushed red pepper on my plate, but my guy came over and stopped me, then brought me a special little container of peppers and oil from behind the counter. "You like hot, you try this!" Oh, boy, that was tasty. I think I'm going to miss that place as much as anything when we move.

August 02, 2002 01:23 AM

Tired. This whole waking up for work thing is a drag. Even working from home, without the hour-long commute thing. I generally get up when Bernie gets up in the morning to leave for her gig in Emerville, and I've got a bunch of stuff to do for my current gig, so there's no lolling about in bed for me these days. Plus, the Netflix is piling up again, and I just got Ben Hur (4 hours) and Tidus (almost 3 hours) in. That sort of movie watching requires a level of commitment that I just don't have these days - although I am almost finally through the 26-episode Cowboy Bebop set. I reckon I'll watch the last two tomorrow, then it's see you later, space cowboy.

In addition to my regular jobly duties, I also got a tiny bit of scratching done on xhibition, just a little bug fix and some pagination stuff. New version soon, maybe in a couple of days, depending.

Oh, yeah. Dad and Jane are coming for a visit next week. Bernie has a little housecleaning anxiety, but I figure we've got plenty of time. Never clean until the last possible moment, that's what I say. Otherwise, it'll just get dirty again.