September 30, 2002 09:25 PM
a whoopin' and a hollerin'

This time of slacking must come to an end shortly. Sat down tonight and started on the big list of things to do in preparation for the move; it's not giant huge, but there's a lot of stuff to be done. Duh. Now I've got a list, though, so the pain is at least quantifiable now.

Speaking of which, I picked up a used copy of Stuntman at Green Apple today, just to scratch a new game itch that won't really be satisfied until next month. Man, does it suck. It uses the engine from Driver, which I loved, and it seems like it should be fun... but it's just not. I guess I'll just have to sit tight and patiently wait for my salvation. Scott also mentioned something about an EBX (Electronics Boutique Exchange, I'm guessing?) store downtown today, so I might have to check that out sooner or later, too.

I've also picked up a number of new DVDs in the last week or so, (including a used copy of Waking Life, in preparation for our dreamy new city) and I'm slowly working through them; also picked up a signed copy of the new Chuck Palahniuk book, because I don't have a three foot high stack of paperbacks to work through or anything. Also finally got around to downloading and watching an episode of West Wing, which a lot of my friends seem to like. I'm sure it gets better.

So, tomorrow is my official day to start kicking ass. Getting boxes, sorting and mercilessly winnowing the book collection, finding new homes for said chaff-books, plus a bunch of redundant VHS tapes, magazines, and electronics. Also have to finish cataloging stuff for insurance purposes, and maybe even do some pre-emptive packing. I've also got a few projects, computer-like, that need attention pretty soon, but we'll see how that goes.

September 27, 2002 12:53 AM

Hey, I've been pretty busy since I got back to San Francisco. I, uh... went to lunch a bunch of times, and, uh, watched a bunch of DVDs. Ummm.... Oh yeah, I managed to finish a work contract without finishing it. Pretty slick, huh? So, that puts me in the slacker zone until well into October, at the very least.

Yep, keeping myself pretty busy over here. This time should be used to get back to work on some personal projects, and start packing up and getting together for the move.

You should see the big old ass-dent on this couch, man.

September 23, 2002 04:25 PM
see that bag, over there?

Well, I made it back to San Francisco just fine. We had a farewell breakfast at Magnolia's - the gingerbread pankakes rule - and I packed up and headed to the airport a little early, so I'd have a bit of non-driving lead time for the valium to kick in. Had the now-usual shoes off deep sweep at security, without incident, and hung out for an hour or two for my flight, getting nice and relaxed. I tell you, I'd be a damn wreck on those planes if not for the little blue pills. There was some pretty severe turbulence coming out of Phoenix, with the heat and updrafts and crosswinds and such; people were freaking out a bit, and they even made a little announcement about how this was totally normal, and nobody should worry. The whole time, I'm just sort of chilling, sitting there going, "Huh. I guess it is a bit bumpy today." Whereas normally, I'd have damn near torn off the arm rests.

One of the high points of the trip happened on the way into Phoenix. While were boarding, I noticed an extraordinarily hot woman on the flight, who wound up sitting on the other side of the plane, a row or two back. Next to her sits one of your business casual fratboy types, who immediately starts chatting her up in that obvious and obnoxious way that the typical Maxim guy on the make is apt to do. Non-stop. So, about two thirds of the way through the flight, we hit a little bit of the Phoenix turbulence, and before you know it, khaki-boy is puking all over the place. Very smooth. Real sexy. That had to have been just about the best in-flight moment I've ever seen.

Anyway, I'm back, and it's sort of warm today, but it was pretty cold and foggy when I got in last night, and I expect it'll be cold and foggy again tonight. I went and had lunch with Phil at King of Thai, and ranted about Austin a bit, caught up on the local gossip. Phil is the new target of the Austin propaganda machine, but he's proving to be a tough cookie. Low rent, good game stores, hot women, great film-making community, but he doesn't seem to be buying it. Bastard.

Speaking of which, that crazy lady who we were having the hard time with, the one with the cute little house we had our hearts set on in Austin? Total bitch. We've been calling her every day to find out what the deal was, what the status of our application and credit reports were, and so on. Bernie finally got through to her secretary today, and she told her that the woman had already rented the place to someone else. If I hadn't set up the apartment complex deal as a backup plan, that would have totally screwed us. Pretty darn pissed about that. So, if you happen to be trying to rent property in Austin from someone named "Mary Lou", watch out. Bitch.

Anyway, we're pretty psyched to blow town. The cool stuff in Austin may not be as dense and varied as the cool stuff in San Francisco, but, as Phil mentioned at lunch today, how many of those cool things do we actually get out to do, anyway? Not many. It's just a population density thing. It's just spread out more down there, which is fine with me. People seem nicer, there's parking everywhere, traffic doesn't suck, it's easy to get to anywhere, and there is a pretty well established set of freaks in Austin. Of course, there are going to be a lot of things that I'll miss in San Francisco, but there's a whole lot of things I won't miss, too. So, time to go. Very excited.

And now, back to work! My "vacation" is over, and now I have to figure out what needs to be done to get a few more bucks into the moving fund...

September 21, 2002 05:19 PM
succumbing to peer pressure

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Mel has been obsessed with that whole Am I Hot Or Not? thing lately. Dave's got a pretty kickass and terrifying screen saver that pops up random pictures, and I've got to tell you, it's pretty engrossing. Mostly like an automobile accident, but isn't that what the webernets are all about? So, anyway, she submitted her picture earlier this week, and has been pretty frantic about it all week. Entertaining all around.

Of course, I got sucked in. First with the screen saver, then checking out the freaks on the site, I even signed up to be a moderator, which lets you go through and pre-screen pictures so no porn or joke pictures get through. Rough job. So, Bernie's probably going to kill me for this, but I put up one of her pictures while playing with stuff. So in trouble. So, shhh.

Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

So, it's been a fairly eventful week. Let's see how effectively I can recap here.

When we last left our hero, he was having coffee and breakfast snacky cakes at Jo's coffee house, the cultural center of South Austin. Great wake-you-up fuel, coffee cakes to feed a family, and friendly folks hanging. They also have a weekly biker get together, which I missed, but I'm sure I'll hit sooner or later. One of the guys who works at their bakery across the street looks exactly like Ray, one of our comrades from the Organic days, who recently moved to Denver. Anyway. Coffee. Then off to look for places to live.

There is plentiful cheap housing in Austin. Good neighborhoods all over, for pretty much any taste. Only problem is, most of the houses are for sale, and we're looking for a rental. There are literally five "For Sale" signs out for every "For Rent" sign. I did find a few decent places, but they either didn't call back, weren't really all that interested in renting, or had some kind of trouble with that whole "contractor" thing on the credit check. When you tell a non-technical person down here that you do computer work, they pretty much assume that you're a lifer at Dell or IBM. God forbid that you don't have a salaried position. Me, I've been doing contract work for over two years now, and managing to pay a good amount of rent in San Francisco, and I haven't had all that hard a time of it, despite the whole economy taking a dive thing. You'd figure that convincing people that I can afford to pay about half that down here wouldn't be a an issue. Well, you'd figure wrong. For houses, anyway - apartment managers seem to have a different outlook on that situation... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

So Tuesday, hunting for houses to rent, not having a lot of luck, but no worries - it's early in the week. I give it a break come early evening, and hit a tasty little dinner at a chinese buffet place with Dave and Mel. Good fuel for... roller skating! For those of you just tuning in, Mel has recently joined the Hellcats, one of the roller derby teams here, and we all headed over to Playland to skate with her. Well, where "we" is me - Dave didn't skate. We also hooked up with her friend Lara, who is also a derby girl, and did some skating. I haven't been on actual roller skates in upward of fifteen years, and it's still been a good five or six years since I've worn inline skates. Still did pretty well, but I did take one head-first fall in a feeble attempt to get all funky and stuff. Came out of it okay - I managed to do a full-on forward roll, grab my glasses almost out of mid-air, and pop right back up on the skates - but I did get myself a big old bruise on my right hip (I think I elbowed myself somehow in the process) that's just getting bigger and more colorful every day. It's pretty cool. After three hours or so, we packed up and headed out to get some pie and trade some Organic war stories at Magnolia's, and headed home.

Did I mention that there were about a million really cute girls at the roller rink? Well, there were. This seems to be a general trend in Austin, I've noticed. Maybe it's just the new place, maybe not. Just making an observation. Dave and I got a really good seat on the bench in front of the fan where people went to cool off. Did I mention that I told Mel that I'd go back there with her every week to practice? Yeah.

The next day had a little less house-hunting, but Bernie's been helping out remotely, sending me stuff from the internets, so I had some leads to go on. On Tuesday, we found a really nice little red house in Central/North Austin, right near UT. I went up there to see it - really nice sized place, big yard, barbecue and garage in the back, pretty cute. So, I got the lowdown from the woman renting it for the landlady, got an application, and sent it in. Sounds pretty easy. Well, no, actually. I was still looking around, but we pretty much had our hearts set on this place - I liked it, and was eager to get the house part of the trip over with, Bernie loved it, and it was only a nine-month lease, so we'd have just enough time to settle in a bit, and take some time to take a better look around for a more permanent place. Remember what I was talking about up there about the contractor thing? Well, I'm thinking that was just an excuse. The woman living there was totally nice and eager for us to move in, but the landlady was kind of crazy, and I spent a lot of time going back and forth with her on the phone, faxing stuff, getting the bank to send her things saying that yes, I've got money and credit, and no, we're not felons or deadbeats. It seemed to be sort of going along, but things seemed to start falling apart by Friday morning - she wasn't in the office, not returning calls, all that. Bah.

To take my mind off the growing anxiety about finding a place to live, we took a trip out of town to the Salt Lick BBQ. Well, that, and Dave's been telling us about it forever. And with good reason. Again, not lying. They've got a huge fire pit, they bring you a big old plate of meat with tasty sauce and a bunch of sides, and the owner even made us a pitcher of fresh lemonade when we asked for it. And the pie. My god, the pie. Dave had some sort of cobbler thing, I had the chocolate chip pecan pie. I think that's been the peak of my pie experience down here so far, and there's some pretty good pie. I'm going to get pretty darn fat down here if I don't watch it. After a brief lolling recovery period, we headed back, I checked out a few more apartments, hung a bit, checked email and stuff, grabbed a Magnolia burger later on, and called it a day.

Thursday brought more apartment hunting, more back and forth with the crazy house lady, and a bit of shopping with Mel. Got some toys, a new shirt, and a present for Bernie. Then, more house hunting in the afternoon. At this point, I was feeling a bit desperate, so I started looking at apartment complexes for a backup plan. After driving around town and looking at places I wouldn't ever want to live - and Bernie would kill me if I chose one of them - I pulled into a parking lot and started flipping through the local weekly, the Chronicle. I called one of the places in South Austin more or less at random, and they had two-bedroom units available, and hey, they were right around the corner from Dave and Mel's place. So, I go down, and it looks really nice, for an apartment complex. Nice courtyard, pool, gazebo, barbecue, plants, newly re-done, gas stove, giant closets, laundry, pretty much everything on the checklist, except maybe not as bright as Bernie would like. Anyway, nice enough, and the price was right, so I filled out an application and brought it back the next day. We're in. Haven't signed a lease yet, so if by some miracle an ideal house lands in our laps, we can take it, but I think we have a place to move into. Whew.

That evening, the El Orbits were playing at bingo night at the Continental club, so we met Kyra and Lara there for music, beer, and bingo. Pretty fun. We bailed after the band was done and the games were over; we had planned to go see another band, the Broken Teeth, who I hear are pretty good, but their show was staring pretty late, and we were getting tired. Instead, it was off to the Krispy Kreme to witness the miracle of donut birth on the big machine. The waterfall of glaze is breathtaking. We split a box of dozen hot glazed donuts between the five of us, got a good sugar buzz going, said farewell to our compadres, and headed home for the crash.

I was feeling pretty set up for housing by Friday, so we had a leisurely lunch at Central Market, followed by a brief period of laziness. Then I made a pilgrimage to an arcade on Guadaloupe, across the street from UT and next to the scaaaary scientology center, to play some Dance Dance Revolution. They had two machines there, but one seemed fairly abandoned, so I joined the crowd around the one near the back. So, here's a handy tip: if you go into an arcade across the street from a school to play DDR, and you're wearing ten pound boots, and you've been eating bbq and donuts all week, and it's 90 degrees outside, and you're at least ten years older than the kid at the machine... don't let him choose the songs. I kept up, but I almost died. Really fun, though; I'm getting pretty darn good. I'm telling you, get myself some sneakers, get used to the heat, and work out a little bit more consistently, and I'll be kicking punk ass all over the place. Yeah, let's see that little dude back there in ten years, after he gets good and fat and lazy. Damn kids.

After a bit of re-hydration and relaxation, we headed off to our evening entertainment - a showing of Dirty Dancing with Mr. Sinus Theater at the Alamo Drafthouse. So, get this. A movie theater, where they serve food and beer, and a trio of freaks up front doing the whole MST3K thing. Plus, a little intermission with a little live fusion of Patrick Swayze, The Shining, and inflatable sex doll humping. That's a good time, I tell you what. I'd recount some of the hilarity, but it just wouldn't translate. I was getting a bit frantic reading the schedule for the summer - I'd missed a bunch of killer movies, and Bruce Campbell is going to be hosting a showing of Army of Darkness there on the sixth of next month, before we get down here. Dammit! I have been assured, however, that the schedule is consistently kick-ass, and there is nothing to fear. Watch this space for updates. Anyway, movie, dinner, and back home to rip some new music from Dave's extensive collection of good stuff, which I've been listening to while working at the little Dragnet setup we've got here in his home office.

Today, I was totally off the hook with regards to the apartment thing - the apartment manager told me that unless we're felons, we're in, so I'm just going to assume that nobody's turning up anything. Spent the day hanging out with Dave, checking out the boxing gym that they go to, wandering around the game/movie/comic store, scoping the local Fry's, and digging on the excellent burgers, chili, and pie at the Frisco diner. Tonight, some of the rollergirl crew are coming over for some movie-watching and burritos. Much fun to be had, I'm sure. Then tomorrow, I fly back to San Francisco to do a little bit of work, and start getting our piles and piles of junk ready to get shipped down here. Woot!

Phase 2: Start tricking more people into moving down here. Muaaahahahaaa....

September 16, 2002 11:32 PM
texas wants you anyway

So, as far as I can tell, Dave wasn't lying about that whole Austin thing.

I flew into Austin from SFO by way of Phoenix yesterday, and thanks to a little help from my friends, it was the smoothest and easiest flight I've ever taken. I never particularly cared for flying much, not so much because of the whole going 400 MPH in a tin can six miles off the ground thing, but because I get some pretty unpleasant physiological symptoms from it. I know intellectually that, even these days, flying is just about the safest way to get anywhere. Still, I get pains in my arms and hands, muscle spasms, dizziness, tunnel vision, panic attacks, the works. It seems that I've found the ideal way to make those problems go away, though, so the whole flying thing just got a whole lot more attractive to me. And good thing, too, since we're moving to a cool place surrounded by about a thousand miles of nothing in any direction.

So, I touch down, rent myself a swank little car, and head on over to Dave and Mel's pad in South Austin. I unload my stuff, and they whisk me away for some Tex-Mex - can't remember the name of the place, but it was close by, and the chicken fajitas were pretty darn tasty. Oh, and the Shiner Bock. My favorite beer, ever, and next to impossible to find outside of Texas. This was a big draw for me, folks. So, afterwards, we head down the street to the Continental Club to catch a band and have some beers. Country music, which is not my absolute favorite, but the band was good, and the dancing was fun to watch, so it was pretty enjoyable. Plus, more Shiner. Back to the pad, inflate the bed, catch some shut-eye.

Morning rolls around, and we mosey over to the Magnolia Cafe for breakfast; I had french toast, bacon, home fries, and coffee, which is the standard baseline test for a breakfast diner. The Magnolia passed with flying colors, I'm pleased to report. After breakfast, I head out to drive around a bit, scope out some neighborhoods, and check a few "for rent" signs. Hyde Park and central Austin, near UT, looks pretty okay, but there's a lot of cool stuff pointing South, too, so I scoured this neighborhood pretty well. I also drove up north to visit Grandma Majcher, which was pretty fun. We sat around and jawed for a while, then I headed back out, stopping briefly at the Krispy Kreme around the corner. Drove back through town, stopped at a pretty bitchin' game/comic/dvd shop to look around, and wound up picking up a supplement for my favorite zombie game. Back to Dave and Mel's, then back out to have dinner with Dave and my friend Kyra, who I haven't seen in a while. We went to Ruby's BBQ, which ruled. Mmmm....brisket. We followed that up with a visit to a toy store, and some ice cream, but communications got a bit crossed, and we lost Kyra along the way. Sad. But still fun. On the way home, stopped at a big old book store, and got more meat food in the form of tasty beef fajita taco thingers. I'm going to be so fat by the time I head home next week.

So, those are the highlights. I've got a full calendar of fun planned out for me here, in addition to the ongoing apartment search. I reckon I'll scour the webernets for stuff tonight, and go out with a full rack of places to hit tomorrow. Then, it's to the boxing gym, then roller skating. And pie.

So psyched.

September 15, 2002 01:44 AM
outta here

My work is done, and I've dropped off the deluxe dino playset for our future evil dictator Lex, in hopes of an advantageous position in his international regime of robot terror. Acquired something to make the flight a little bit more comfortable. Went to It's Tops for a quick burger before heading home, where we had a waitress that looked exactly like an actress that neither of us could place; not Claire Forlani, but someone close. Made it home, stomped around a bit to annoy the downstairs neighbors.

I got another ticket on my bike today for sidewalk parking. "Comments: Complaint". It's legally parked, under the bay window, on the building property, but I'm almost 100% positive that one of our insane neighbors - who, for example, call the cops on us our first month in the place for making too much noise, because we're sitting above them in a chair that squeaks - is waging a campaign of low-level harassment. We'll see how they like a bag full of crickets under their windows one of these days. Bastards.

Now, sleep, and tomorrow I fly to Austin. See y'all there.

September 14, 2002 12:32 AM
nation of fear

Man, what a day. Working at home all day, doing HTML and XSL, keeping an eye on the news. I got so pissed off at today's top story, I had to stop and just take a little time out for a while. Let's recap. Three guys were overheard talking about 9/11 and terrorism in a Shoney's in Georgia. Some hillbilly called the cops, who called the feds, who set up an interstate dragnet for these dangerous possible terrorists. They finally caught them, dragged them out of their cars, blew up their luggage, and pretty much just ruined their damn day. Were they terrorists? As far as anyone can tell, no. No history of anything. Just three medical students on their way to Miami. They claim now that they weren't even talking about the terrorist attacks, and that the woman is straight-out lying, and just called them in because they had beards and those funny little Muslim hats - apparently some sort of crime in Georgia.

First amendment? Screw it. Fourth amendment? What's that? Thank god we've got vigilant citizens like Eunice looking out for us. I can't imagine how many of the conversations I've had with friends in diners over coffe would have landed us zip-tied face down in the parking lot if there were good little TIPS soldiers like her around.

Fortunately, there are still a few relatively sane voices out there. Hunter S. Thompson had some choice words about the situation in an interview today. Also strangely appropriate was a link someone sent me this morning to some fabulous propaganda posters - I really want the one where a pissed-off Uncle Sam is getting ready to beat the living crap out of Ashcroft. Go, send this guy some money. He'll need it when they haul him off to the re-education camps... oh, wait, no he won't. They don't let you have lawyers at those secret military tribunals. Well, I hope he enjoys it while it lasts.

In lighter news, I had a very satisfying telemarketer experience today. Some jackoff long-distance company has been calling pretty much every day for the last couple of weeks. I finally just told him to hang on for a minute or two while I went and dug up junkbuster's anti-telemarketer script, and ran the little turd-man through it. He sounded pretty pissed off, but there's not really much they can do about it - they're required by law to answer those questions, and if they don't you get fabulous cash prizes! Anyway, fun.

Bernie also got another wisdom tooth out today - the upper right one, which wasn't so bad. They still said that the roots were wrapped around more than usual, that she has really dense bones and stuff. I suppose that's a good thing overall, but it makes oral surgery sort of a bitch. She's doing just fine, though, and will be back to full speed in no time. We sat around, had some ice cream, and watched Bullitt, a fine, fine piece of truth in filmmaking.

Okay, back to work. Fun fun fun.

September 12, 2002 04:52 PM
easy there, cowboy

I was reading the lonely planet guide to Texas last night, and came across the section explaining the Texan (and American) views on firearms to foreign travelers. As you might expect, they're all for 'em. Of particular note was the story about the Luby's cafeteria incident, and how laws were changed afterwards to allow more citizens to carry concealed weapons. One story of note is that of a woman who watched her mother and father get gunned down in front of her. She usually carried a handgun in her purse (illegally), but left it in the car that day. She became very vocal afterwards about being able to carry concealed, as she believed that if she had her weapon, her parents would still be alive today. Apparently, a lot of Texans felt the same way. Their response to a mass shooting: give people more guns! Wooo! I can tell I'm going to like this state already.

I was thinking of this just now, because of a funny little thing that happened. I'm sitting here, working away on HTML/XSL stuff. I take a little break to do some dry-fire practice with my revolver. Take out the hollowpoints, put in the snap-caps, and try to work out that little twitch to the left I still get sometimes. The doorbell rings. I figure it's just my usual UPS guy with more presents from Amazon, so I jump up, shove the revolver in my pocket, and buzz him in. It's not the UPS guy, just some guy in business casual that I don't recognize, holding a clipboard, with no identifying marks. He nods to me, says, "Hi, I'm Phil," and tries to walk past me, into the apartment.

Uh, no.

We finally get it straightened out that he's from Bekins movers, and he was scheduled to come over and look at our stuff and give us an estimate for how much it would cost to pack up all our junk and ship it to Austin. We decided to go with another solution, but apparently, the Bekins guy didn't get the cancellation notice or something, and showed up anyway. It all turned out just fine, but it was a little weird there for a minute while I was calling Bernie to verify the appointment and cancellation with one hand, with my other hand in my pocket. So, just for future reference, guys: tell people exactly who you are, where you're from, and what you're doing, and maybe even show some ID before strolling into someone's house. The next guy may not be as reasonable and composed as I was. (To those of you who know me, and are snickering right now: shut up!)

Okay, back to the XSL.


Well, that was pleasantly and surprisingly uneventful. Dodging maudlin, self-serving public wallowing is a lot easier if you rely on DVDs for entertainment, and refuse to leave the damn house. I got reports from one of my degenerate pals on IRC that they were running some sort of non-stop 1984-type flag propaganda stuff during a baseball game, but I figure he got what he deserved for watching the game, anyway. Me, I was satisfied with robots, cowboys, and irish blues bands. Screw that reality crap. Totally for suckers.

So, the Austin plan is coming along nicely. We've got the moving of junk pretty much settled, dates nailed down, and insurance and stuff. I just talked to Grandma Majcher down there for the first time in a really really long time today; it's probably been five or ten years since I've spoken to her. Mostly because I'm lame - I'm a pretty crappy relative to have. Never visit, never write, never call. But, you know, I have enough trouble getting together with and staying in contact with the people I choose to hang around with - the whole obligatory family socialization thing is just way too much to handle on a regular basis. That's like work and stuff.

Anyway, even though I haven't really visited anyone on my dad's side of the family since I was fourteen years old or so - because they're all in, like, Texas, and I've been in New York and California - I'm still very much looking forward to seeing her, and them, again. I'm scheduled to get down there on Sunday, hang out with Dave and Mel at least the first night, and probably stay with GM for a bit after that. So, between finding a place to live down there (that meets both my and Bernie's strict requirements), catching up with the family, and following the strict regimen of movies, BBQ, whiskey, pie, and bingo that Dave and Mel seem to have put together for me, it's looking to be some trip. You'd almost think that we're not moving there in a month.

Well, we are.

I also got myself the Lonely Planet Texas guide today - along with a few other goodies. Mmmm.... Green Apple.

Okay, maybe I can get to sleep tonight. Note to self: do not eat a damn pound of sugar before trying to go to bed, or you will find yourself finally drifting off just as the alarm goes off in the morning. Between the hour or so of sleep I got last night, and the general wackiness, it's been some little trip here on the couch today.

September 11, 2002 01:35 PM
Quick DDR Tip:

Wear pants.

/me yawns

Mmm.... 20 minutes into the day, and I'm already sick of hearing about it.

Stumbled across two important discoveries today. First, I'm rediscovering my secret love of acapella music, starting with these guys. This is the song that set me on my quest this afternoon; funny as all hell. Second, someone sent me a link to a site with some neat t-shirts on it, but I got distracted and wandered over to the interactive anime porn games. Well, a short look around and a brief kazaa session later... so wrong. So, I'm going to be compiling a library of bishoujo games to better educate myself about the evils of this depravity, so I may more effectively warn the public about this menace. Donations are welcome.

Man, there's a lot of spiders in this place. I don't mind the little guys, but there's a really nasty looking one right here. Not where I'm trying to work, guy. Back off, or I'll be forced to smoosh you.

So, Bernie got our San Francisco -> Austin pipeline all set up today. On Saturday, 10/12, three shipping crates from citytocity will show up in front of our house. Then, a team of circus freaks from Granny's Movers will put all our crap in those boxes. Then, the boxes will be magically whisked away, and we will spend the evening carousing. The next morning, we shove off for a leisurely road trip to our new apartment (which I am going to secure on a week-long Austin excursion next week), and meet our boxes there seven to ten days later. When we get there, we sucker someone into unpacking for us, and we will officially be moved. Whew. Well, sounds like a plan. From there, it's all pretty much up in the air.

Oh yeah, and I forgot. I hate HTML work. Need to remember that.

September 09, 2002 12:36 PM
coke bottles

Spent the weekend at Bernie's mom's place. Bernie went through a bunch of boxes and stuff, to get stuff cleaned out before the move. I relaxed, ate some tasty food, read Acts of the Apostles, fixed up my GridFont flash thingy, got a little sick, but got better. Came home, finished up Cry For Dawn, caught up on web and email. Today, work and ddr.

Ph33r my l33t wr1t1ng sk1llz.

September 07, 2002 12:59 AM
Hey, so how's that writing every day thing going?

Not so good.

I can't even really make up the lost entries, either, because, well, I didn't write down what I've been doing. I've been working a little, not a lot. I put together a little gridfont flash toy, inspired by this Douglas Hofstadter book I've been reading. I've been playing Devil May Cry again some, but it's not a long game, so that won't last. Pretty fun, but sort of annoying in that Capcom sort of way. If you liked Onimusha, though, you'll probably like this.

I also recently got myself a new Dance Dance Revolution mat, the super bad ass Redoctane Ignition 2.0 pad. Actually, I ordered two, one for me, and one for Phil, who has been getting a little out of hand with the playstation bemani-type game peripherals. He just got a ParaPara Paradise setup, which is "hilarious", according to reports, and he's had the maracas, guitar, and drum games and thingers for a while now. Ah, the hilarity. Anyway, the new pad is great. Changed my life. Can't love it enough. My shins hurt from jumping up and down all day.

Back in the real world, my friend Tim Corrigan, is in town, taking a stop in San Francisco from his motorcycle trip. He just drove from New York City, through Canada, up to Alaska, down to Nevada for Burning Man, and now here. He's got to fly back to NYC for two weeks to take care of family and apartment stuff, but then he's coming back for his bike and starting the second leg of his trip, down to the bottom of South America, then back up home to New York. Good stories, which I'll leave for someone else. Tim tells them much better than I can here, given the current need for sleep.

That's right, we're getting up at some ungodly hour to drive up to Bernie's mom's place in Sonora, about two hours east of San Francisco. Bernie's got to see her dad, too, and clean and pack some stuff that's still over there for out impending move. She's also going to help her mom out on her website - those wimmens are all over the webernet stuff, I tell ya.

Oh, yeah, last thing - we (Bernie, Phil, Tim, and I) went to see Fat Chance Belly Dance and Second Skin (the troupe that Bernie takes classes with) perform at the Victoria theatre down in the Mission tonight. They did a lot of new, different modern style things, some that didn't work so well, but some that were super. Carolina, the teacher, is absolutely fantastic - I think I went blind after her solo dance. They also had some live music for the second half, which was more traditional, improvised dance. Excellent. Fun time had by all.

Okay, downloading stuff for a weekend of work offline, then sleep.