May 31, 2003 03:46 PM
more derby

I really like those little "cool mint" gelatin breath strips. If only they were caffeinated, they'd be the perfect little snack. Unfortunately, due to lack of coffee in the house, my wakeup was a handful of Penguin mints, instead.

So, I made it out to the derby bout at the Expo Center again today. Still about a hundred degrees out, only there were about twice as many poser CPA bikers out - which meant that even if they were as quiet as the losers in the audience yesterday, there'd still be a good amount of noise.

The bout went really well. Not as many injuries, but there were a lot of fights on the floor. The first matchup ended with at least three or four piles of girls wrestling around on the track. Pandemonium! But, I got a good batch of pictures this time around, I think, and there was fun to be had all around.

One of the draws was that Jerry Lee Lewis was supposed to play there sometime around the same time the girls were finishing up, but it sounds like he pulled some rock star crap, and he was rescheduled to play around 6:30pm or something. I decided that hanging out with a parking lot full of sweaty rednecks for three or four hours wasn't really my idea of a good time, so I skipped out on Mr. Lewis, and headed home to get some work done. (Watch for a new Austin roller derby site to show up soon, maybe tonight...)


Or, you know, just install this, which works like a charm.


If you care about browsers not sucking at all, go sign up for bugzilla, and vote up this bug, which will make draggable tabs work, and will also make Bernie happy.

Plus, for all you prospective employers out there diligently reading this every day, who may have forgotten, I still need a job. Hop to it, already.

the ha ha

I've always wanted to do an online comic. Well, not always, but ever since I saw someone else do it, and said, "hey, that's cool. me too!" Because, you know, I don't have any original ideas.

Which brings me to the problem. I can't draw, and I'm not funny. So, so much for that, then.

bikers are pussies

So, today was the big Texas Roller Girls bout for the Republic of Texas bike rally at the Austin Expo center. The arena was huge, and the chicks were awesome - but the audience sucked. I've never seen a quieter bunch of bikers in my life. Girls! In skimpy costumes! Skating! And fighting! Spanking! Fire! Punk rock! Come on, people! I swear, these Texas Harley dudes are a bunch of lawyers and CPAs or something. Either that, or they were just really hot, tired, and drunk.

It was just tapping 100 degrees out today. Outside, it was like Burning Man for rednecks or something. Hot, smelly, tents and bikes everywhere, people chilling outside their RVs. Plus, more confederate flags than I've ever seen in my life. Well, everybody's got to do something, I guess.

Anyway, got home, and our pal Dan (a derby husband) showed up to start working on our roof. He actually has real-world skills, like building houses and fixing stuff, so we get him to come over every now and then and do stuff like install a vent for a kitchen fan, or fix our leaky-ass roof before another thunderstorm comes and washes the spider out. So, today, our fearless friend was up there in the heat, washing away all the crud in preparation for sealing. Then we had pizza. The end.

Tomorrow, more derby action, and Jerry Lee Lewis.

May 27, 2003 11:04 PM
again, with the spam

Jesus fucking christ. I'm getting spam bounces again, this time from from some shit-heel pushing pheremones. (Mailing address on page) The company sending the actual messages is "Leading Edge Marketing", in the Bahamas, I assume, from their whois record:

Leading Edge Marketing, Leading Edge Marketing PO Box CR-56766 Suite #1210 Nassau, New Providence --- BS 810-815-1672

I heartily encourage any and all civic-minded Internet users to track down and punish these motherless fucks in whatever manner seems appropriate. Not only are they wasting the bandwidth and time of who knows how many million email readers, but they're using my name to sign their poo-flings, causing me to deal with their bounces, and possibly getting my domain on a blacklist somewhere. Time to make these Joe Jobbing asshats pay.

I swear to god, if I ever meet a spammer in person, the devil's gonna need a wig.


Oh, also, my dad called today, and told me that I need to update this more often, so he can keep track of what I'm up to. Okay, I'll try...

fun and not so fun

This is pretty sickening. Not only is Amazon selling those retarded "Iraqi Most Wanted" playing cards, but they're promoting them on their front page. Aren't we over that yet? Aren't we supposed to be beating up on Syria or Iran these days? Or are we too busy planning how to run our own death camps to pay attention. Ugh.

In other, less stomach-turning news, Bernie's mom was here visiting for the long weekend. We had a good time, but I think Bernie was running us a little bit ragged near the end; I think the mom unit just wanted to relax, but hey. Among other things, we hit the Salt Lick for some BBQ, the Westcave preserve for some tropical fun, and... well, lots of stuff. I don't remember. Anyway, she got back to California safely today. Now, back to working on the house and trying to scrape up a job.

May 22, 2003 01:10 PM

Dear America:

Please stop doing stupid shit like this, so we can go back to making fun of the French without feeling like fascist dickwads. Thank you.

Love, Marc

May 21, 2003 07:15 PM

So, yesterday, I took about eight hours and played me through that Enter The Matrix game. Not so good. I think the most favorable review I can give it is, "Mercifully Short". The extra hour of film is good, and the movie/story tie-ins are decent, and there are a few cool matrix-fu moves, but overall, it felt like a mediocre PSOne game. So sad. Skip the game, see if you can find the video online somewhere.

And now, for work.

May 19, 2003 11:37 PM
death star

Stayed up all night (and a good chunk of the day) playing Rachet and Clank. Great game, but I way overdid it. I love doing that - just immersing into a well-done game like that for 24 hours, but the consequences suck. I need to find myself some work soon, or I'm just going to be doing this over and over.

We had the attic sprayed for bugs a while back, which had the unfortunate effect of forcing a lot of our unwanted little guests into the main living area of the house. Lots of fleas up there, from the mangy dogs the previous owners kept - now many fleas down here. I was being eaten alive, so we set off a couple of bug bombs when we went out to Reloaded the other night. I'm pretty sure that all our creepy crawlies are gone, but I still feel like I'm getting bitten, and I'm still breaking out in these little red itchy bumps. Maybe I'm just now reacting to previous bites, but it's been a few days, and it feels like I'm getting new ones, still. It's maddening. I itch all over. It's possible that I'm just allergic to something here, but I've been taking allergy medicine, and I'm not having any other symptoms. Maybe I need to switch soaps again. I went off the bronners for about six months when this was happening before, and it went away, but I'd be really sad if that was what was causing the itching. I've been using it forever, it's good, it's cheap, and I actually feel clean after using it, instead of the slick film of crud that most other soaps feel like they leave. Maybe I just need to take a bath in oatmeal or something. Dunno. I do know that I need to sleep, now like.

May 18, 2003 01:15 AM

Went over to Dave and Mel's tonight for grilling and games today. They picked up some killer sausages from central market, and we had spicy meaty greasy goodness cooked up with some peppers and onions and tortillas and beer and mmmmm... While the rest of them were having their girly vanilla ice cream with strawberries, I had me some Blue Bell birthday cake flavored ice cream. Sprinkles are good.

Afterwards, we placed this game Carcassonne a couple times, and I crushed the puny opposition both times. I was expecting to get whomped the second time, after revealing my devious strategies and poor sportsmanship the first time around, but evil won out in the end, as it always will. Beware the Red Menace!

(Bernie says that I gloat too much. I say, I take it where I can get it.)

Of course, the tremendous preparation and execution for these festivities meant that I missed out on shooting big guns with my kin out in the hills, but I reckon I'll get around to that some other time, soon, I hope. Nick and Alex were out here the other day to check out the house and yard and sit around and jaw a bit and eat cookies and stuff. It was fun, too, but probably would have been more fun if we had Uzis.

I received my Wigu book in the mail today, which I have been enjoying immensely. Dave also lent me his copy of Ratchet and Clank, so, between that and the Matrix game showing up in the next couple of days, it looks like I got me some station to play. Which also means, of course, that I should be kicking ass on some Flash projects or something, but... hm. Maybe I should finish off that ice cream and think about it some more.

May 17, 2003 05:30 PM

I'm back.

I'll try not to let the deadly combination of house work and general slobbing about keep me from writing so much.


So, we saw a 10pm showing of The Matrix: Reloaded on Wednesday. Kick ass. I thought the ideas were subtler, the effects and action were more outrageous, and the world that was presented in the first movie was blown wide open, giving us a whole new range of narrative possibilities. (See how the video game and the animated shors are not just cheap merchandising efforts - they supplement the main storyline presented in the movie, and are, in fact, necessary to fully grasp the big picture.)

Some people, of course, disagree. But you know what? Screw them.

I've been reading a lot of comments like this over the last couple of days, and they make me think one thing: "These people haven't watched the first Matrix movie recently, have they?" Pointless (but cool) fight scenes, meaningless hand-waving, and loooong stretches of exposition. Why weren't (most) people bitching about these things before? Because it was novel. New stuff gets a break.

The way I remember it, there wasn't a too terribly much hype surrounding the release of the first movie. Shortly afterwards, sure, but I try to keep up with these things, and I remember going into it for the first time, a while after it came out, and not knowing what to expect. And I was blown away.

Reloaded has had four years of hype. There is no way that it could stand up to people's expectations. But if you go in with a fresh mind, it's a fun, engaging movie, not much less "revoultionary" than the first one. It's just that we're comfortable with the settings, the characters, and the concepts, and the shock value isn't there, so all some people can see are the flaws.

Do me a favor. Go back and watch the first movie, with the same attitude you went into the new movie with. Notice how everything is dark, not only for mood, but to hide the imperfections of the effects. Watch Trinity mock Christopher Reeves while diving through that window, and pay attention to the flat, computer-generated backgrounds when they go into bullet time. See the rubber guns that don't rack their slides when fired. Time the rambling speeches that Morpheus makes about this and that. Turn to your friend and bitch about why that fight in the subway happened, if he was just going to run, after all. Then tell me that Reloaded was any worse.

If you listen carefully, you can hear Mark Hammill whining about power converters in the background.

So, really, what is it with you people? Has it not been out long enough for other people to find insightful bits in the film and point them out to you? Are you just trying to be cool by hating something that's going to be wildly popular? Are you subconsciously offended by the fact that the actors have actually aged in the four years since the first movie, and can't abide their haggard, familiar faces? Were you simply dropped on your soft heads as children?

Me, I try to enjoy a movie, despite its flaws. I have taken more than my share of guff for declaring, without irony or sarcasm, that Showgirls is one of my top three movies. (Here are the other two for comparison, lest you consider me a complete degenerate.) And let me tell you - I enjoyed Reloaded as much, if not more, than the Matrix. I fully expect that, as time passes, and I see it again and again, it will age as well as any other leering tribute to fanboy-dom. In a good way, of course.

I can't wait for November.

May 05, 2003 05:26 PM

I think I've finally gotten moved over to my new machine here, cecil. It's nice having the server sitting next to me, instead of 1500 miles away, underneath Phil's stairs. So, anyway, if you're seeing this, stuff is no longer broken. Or, some stuff, anyway.

More to come.