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It's hot. Real hot.

September 24, 2005 03:14 AM
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September 05, 2005 12:19 PM

So, been taking the bike out once a day, to see if I can't whup myself back into some kind of useful human-shaped thing. I took a spin around Barton Springs and Zilker Park yesterday, and almost died coming back up that big hill on Robert E. Lee. Today, Bernie and her mom (who's in town for the holiday weekend) went out kayaking on the river, and I took the bike out to see how long it took me to get to work and back, which is about six or seven miles, round trip. Eighteen minutes there, nineteen back. Turns out, we live on some kind of hill or something. Who knew? Upshot is, I think I'm all good to go on the ride to work plan. Woooo! Take that, Katrina!

On that note, lots of refugees around town. I hear tell we've got a quarter of a million people from the wrecked areas come to take refuge in the wilds of Texas, including a few ten thousands here in Austin. I rode by one of the smaller shelters downtown, and there were lots of people walking around who seemed to be new in town, and most looked like they were doing pretty okay, considering. Happy not to be wallowing in mud and alligators and human filth and whatnot, I'm sure. Ran into a few folks at Amy's Ice Cream last night, too, and same story - lost everything, but still smiling. It's still looking like a nightmare out there, and there are fuckups working the rescues on every level, but it looks like at least a few people made it out more or less okay. We'll see how things go...

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September 02, 2005 09:41 AM

So, I guess they've run into a little bit of weather down on the gulf, and one of those cities they built below sea level got a little wet or something. It's possible you've caught a story about this if you've been paying close attention to the news lately. Anyway, I kicked down a few bucks to the Red Cross to try to counterbalance the gross incompetence and fuckfacery of the usual federal-level suspects. You should, too, if you're not a jerk. I mean, I'm a jerk, and I don't give money to anyone, so, there you go.

In other news, gas prices are hitting three bucks and up (not because of any good economic reason, of course, but because people are opportunistic, money-grubbing douchebags) and I just bought myself a bike. These events are not unrelated. Now lets' see how long I can use that to get to work before my sorry ass keels over from heat exhaustion and general suckitude.

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September 01, 2005 07:56 AM

I just got a message from myself that told me that it was somewhere around twenty years ago today that I sent my first email over the baby internets. That can't possibly be true. Nope. La la la la!

In other news, I met up with my pal David Marcum at the Mean-Eyed Cat last night to go over the "game design improv" panel we're putting on at Linucon in October (did I already talk about that? yeah, well.), and caught a bit of his friend's band, A Band Named Sue. Guess what they played. Go on, guess. Anyway, yeah, not bad, there. That's two nights out in a row for me, woo! And now, for the magic of coffee...

Speaking of: you people who are in front of a dozen people waiting for caffeine, and who feel the need to pay for your coffee with a credit card? You suck.

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