September 26, 2006 07:54 PM
tap tap

Is this thing on?

Blah Blah Blah lots of stuff happened, and.... okay, we're caught up.

The first important part: Improv For Evil will be performing at The Hideout at 8pm this Friday. We'll be great, so you should come see us. However! If you can only see one improv show this weekend, you should come to my other show, on the same night, with my troupemate Nadine. At 11:30pm this Friday, the two of us will be performing as An Inconvenient Troupe in the cagematch. We'll be doing a full-length science fiction long-form narrative, which in human speak means that she and I will be making up and performing one long story before your incredulous eyes. And, if you show up, and vote for us, we will win the cagematch, and do it again next weekend. So, there's that.

The second important part: I'll be leaving my full-time job at Enspire Learning in the middle of October. I'm going back to contracting, which means that I'll be able to take on a variety of work, including ramping up on my game production and voice acting pursuits. So, if you know anyone in need of some wicked Flash (or web, or anything, or whatever) work, MajcherCom is once again open for business. I've got a couple things in the chute, but the chute is far from empty, so, come on down and fill 'er up.

I also engaged in personal combat with a mouse last night. We are embarking on a new campaign of chemical and biological warfare, which we believe will ensure a swift and righteous victory over the rodentine extremists.

Also, inspired by PAX, we went and got a bright orange Sumo beanbag chair. I like it a lot. Bernie, not so much.

Also in crass consumerism news: Okami, which rules in every way I expected it to, and more. I broke down last month and got an XBox 360, so I could join in the networked arcade games with my pals out west, and try out their devkit scam thing, and get my zombie smash on, yo. Okami is the first game to pull me away from that, and man. It's so pretty, and the game design is fantastic. I've got a couple of pages written on what makes it rule, but you'll just have to take my word for it right now that it does. It's going right up there with Beyond Good and Evil and Ico as games that I would recommend to pretty much anyone, without reservation. Fine, fine, fine representatives of the art.

I also just recieved a highly-recommended (by Scott) book on ... stuff, by Salvadore Dali. Look for "Dali says to paint naked, so I do" t-shirts, coming soon.