We all have our bad days. Let us help.

Misfortune is a little perl script with some data files that spew out random stuff to a bunch of people every day.

It all started one day with a post to ds9:

Date: Fri, 7 Oct 94 13:42:32 -0700
From: majcher@warwick.com (Marc Majcher)
Subject: today's secret word is "doors"

I was just thinking...

Imagine that.

(gee, sure got quiet 'round here...)

But I was thinking about all the cool little Fun Things that people have on
their computers, like nifty sounds, or the Elvis Detector, or X-roach, just
useless little things like that.  And I was thinking, just imagine all the
cool stuff that we'll have on our computers when they get to be "real
computers", like in sci-fi movies.  Like, what kind of extra "desk
accessory" type things would HAL (from 2001) have on him, what with
artificial intelligence and voice recognition and all that groovy stuff?  I
think a groovy thing to have would be a "Secret Word" DA.  Every morning,
have HAL go through the dicitionary and pick a word at random.  Then, any
time during the day if anyone on the ship said that word, HAL would start
screaming and set all the alarms off for a few seconds.  Telling the crew
what the word is in the morning is optional.

I'm sure there's tons more, but I've got a hangover and can't think right now.

"HAL, open the pod bay doors."

So, I wrote up a script to mail a random word from /usr/words/dict to the list every day, and it all went downhill from there. It's evolved from a word of the day thing to a little mini-oracle that dispenses (mostly) gloomy wisdom and prophecy. You can get it mailed to you by using the form below, or you can just keep reloading this page to see random fortunes at the top. I really don't care.

This is the form I was talking about.

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