Marc Majcher
(512) 810-9753


I am seeking contract or full-time positions, locally or remotely, that will allow me to continue working on fantastic projects with brilliant and entertaining co-workers and clients. I'd like to help you implement your vision, fully design and realize your ideas, and bring the best version of your business to life.

(Excellent full-time positions in Austin, Texas may be considered.)


Over twenty-five years of experience developing for the Internet, both professionally and as a hobby.

Extensive experience with full-stack web development, Flash/Flex/RIA development, website design and implementation with HTML/Javascript/CSS, coding in several languages, database and system management, leadership, graphic design, and anything else that comes my way.

Excellent communication skills, the ability to pick up and learn new skills quickly, experience with user support and training, and a fine sense of humor.

Experience in many non-technical environments, including (but not limited to) scripted and improvisational stage performance, editorial, game design, publishing, creative, production, construction, and food preparation.

Examples of my Flash and Shockwave work can be found at:

My Perl modules on CPAN can be found at:

My LinkedIn profile can be found at:


Galvanize, Inc.

Eureka Software

Sapling Learning

Mach 10 Studios

Mtuity, Inc.

Hideout Theatre


Portalarium | Senior Game Developer

Gizmet Gameworks

Contract Flash Developer
May 2009 - September 2010
Austin, TX

ON Networks
Flash Developer
November 2006 - July 2008
Austin, TX

Enspire Learning
Technology Developer
June 2006 - November 2006
Austin, TX

frog design
Senior Digital Media Technician
July 2005 - June 2006
Austin, TX

Austin Community College
Instructor, Game Development Program
July 2005 - August 2006
Austin, TX

Marc Majcher Consulting
February 2001 - Present
San Francisco, CA - Austin, TX

Organic, Inc.
Senior Content Engineer
August 1998 - February 2001
San Francisco, CA

Liaise Systems, Inc.
Senior/Lead Developer
November 1997 - August 1998
San Francisco, CA

System Administrator
August 1996 - November 1997
Mountain View, CA

Sim Diego Internet Services
Director of Technical Operations
February 1996 - May 1996
San Diego, CA

Warwick Baker and Fiore
Computer Services / Technical Support
February 1994 - September 1995
New York, NY

ASCIT - SUNY at Buffalo
Academic Consultant / Graphics Consultant / Site Manager
October 1991 - December 1993
Buffalo, NY


Flash, Actionscript, Perl, Ruby, Python, C, C++, Java, HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Qt, BREW, Smalltalk, Lisp, Modula-2, Pascal, ML, VMS DCL, VMS Macro assembler, ADA, Prolog, BASIC. Macintosh, MS DOS, Windows 98/2000/XP, UNIX (Linux, Solaris, BSD, Mach, Irix), X-Windows, Wang, VAX/VMS.


State University of New York at Buffalo
Computer Science Major - BA program (Philosophy Minor), December 1993

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