This is the scar I just got.:

In accordance with popular demand, before, during, and after pictures
will indeed be provided here when the time comes.  In fact, here they
are now!  (I'll sort and lay out the rest of the pictures soon - for 
now, they're just sitting in this directory.)

All Done!

Scotto: :does it mean anything in particular, or does it simply look cool? It's one of those dessert topping/floor wax deals. The symbol in the middle is the character that represents Yin in this Tibetan Qigong meditation I've been learning. It's this "spiritual flame" type of dealie, which meshes well with my already pyromaniacal tendencies. Thus the flame type of stuff around the outside. And yeah, it does look cool.
Brian Sherman: :Sorry that I didn't give you more inputs - it looks like the right one to :do anyways, though. Are you doing a cutting, branding, what method? That's cool - you gave me what you could when you could, and that turned out to be just enough to finalize the design. This is going to be a cutting - Bernie and I are going to get them done at Body Manipulations, down here on 16th street in SF. We already talked with one of the cuttters there, Joey Wyman, and looked at photos of some of her work, and it all sounds and looks good. She went over various methods to make it more permanent, like ink or ash rubbings, too. I don't know if I'm going to get those, but I'm definitely going to get the burning-off-the-rubbing-alcohol treatment after the cutting. I think that may be the coolest part about the whole thing. We're still in the process of designing Bernie's, but we're looking at the end of next month to get them done.
(I'll probably be migrating this page to an xhibition gallery when I get the chance.)