Here's a few personal projects I've done with Macromedia Flash and Director over the last few/several/many years. Some are quite, quite old. I'll be making source files available as time permits.

Macromedia Flash

Photo Roulette thumbnail An improv buddy of mine wanted a simple application that did a Wheel of Fortune type photo carousel spinner thing for a show that his troupe did now and then. I figured that it'd be pretty easy (it was) and it'd give me a chance to play with AIR and whatnot again, so here it is. Hopefully it's fairly self-explanatory, but give a holler if you have any questions... (src)
Indra's Web thumbnail A prospective client recently (it's 2010 now - crazy, right?) asked for a sample Flash game, and since I've been primarily building larger applications with Flash, I really didn't have anything recent on hand to show them. So I took an evening and threw this together in ActionScript 3 in Flash Builder 4. Simple, but it gets the idea across. (src)
3d Star Map thumbnail A quick and dirty three-dee visualization of a randomly generated star system for an online interstellar trading and exploration game. Built with FlashDevelop around 2008, probably. (src)
tenochca thumbnail Tenochca was a game I was working on for a little while last year. (Where "last year" was... what, 2007, maybe? 2006?) It's got a lot of good architectural and design stuff in there, but I never got around to making it into an actual game. As I find some more free time, I'll probably chip away at it some, but for now, it's a pretty decent example of a good Flash application structure. There's also some fun river generation stuff in the map, there. (src)
implosion thumbnail This is a mandala-like board for another game that's in the queue of stuff that needs to be worked on that I don't have the time to work on right now. It's all drawn with the Flash drawing API, and all the movieclip/button functions and effects are added dynamically, as well. It's a little oldschool, but it works. (src)
bathca thumbnail We're tiling the bathroom in our new house, and I'm going to be trying to put some sort of cellular automata based pattern on the walls. This is the little toy I put together to explore patterns, and see what would look good enough to actually go up. (src)
mapgen thumbnail A fractal map generation thingy in Flash. Could use a good deal of optimization and expansion, but the basic idea is there. (src)
concentrate thumbnail Simple daily concentration game. (src)
dynamic motion thumbnail A quick test movie I put together one afternoon, trying to simulate the interesting motion created by players in an improv game. There are a bunch of "actors", each of whom are attracted to or repulsed by another. Wind 'em up, and watch 'em go. (src)
blobs thumbnail Just a fun little thing I threw together. Moving and mushing blobs that change color. (src)
photo cropper thumbnail I put together this demo for someone to show them how Flash MX handles certain things (like various events and stuff) better than Flash 5, for an application they were thinking of developing. (src)
tattoo thumbnail This is the map editor for an RPG engine I'm working on. I'm afraid that Flash may turn out to be too slow for the final product, but I'm barreling onward, anyway. The nice thing is that even if I decide to go and produce the final version of the engine in Java or something, I can still use maps created with this. (This is designed to be a desktop application, so network badness may cause some loading bugs, which I need to address right quick. If there's a problem, just click "open" again until it works.) (src)
warehouse keeper thumbnail My lame version of Sokoban. I threw this together in an evening to try out putting together a game using a full-on MVP (Model-View-Presenter) model, and it worked pretty darn well. I should touch up the graphics, and make the loader thinger easier to use, but hey, it goes. (src)
bouncy thumbnail I wrote this as a quick object generation and gravity demo for someone a while ago, but for some reason I just love to watch it go. Easily entertained, I guess. (src)
life thumbnail When I found out that Flash 4 had variables, and figured I could use them to simulate arrays, this was the first thing I tried. Slow as hell, but still a neat little hack. (src)
kablooie thumbnail Another Flash 4 experiment, which indirectly lead to the deal below. (src)
gestures thumbnail Proof of concept thingy, implementing a gesture-based input system in Flash. (src)
logo thumbnail A very basic implementation of the LOGO programming language. You know, with the turtle and stuff. (src)
flashpoint thumbnail For some reason, I got it into my head that making a PowerPoint alternative in Flash MX would be a good idea. (For the record, it's not. Try S5, instead.) Here's the start of that project, which loads in an XML file and does some screen-y magic stuff. This could be done much better now, but I probably wouldn't want to be the one to do it. (src)
gridfont thumbnail Inspired by Douglas Hofstadter's work with gridfont generation, I took an afternoon and evening to put together a gridfont editor. You can get the raw gridfont info after designing; the next version of this will allow loading, and interaction via server-side stuff. Maybe I can try some GA/breeding experiments with this. (src)
sanpaku thumbnail A site that I threw together in a weekend, intended to hold my more "design-y" flash stuff in 2001. (Blown away in a server crash in 2006. Sad.)
mycloset thumbnail An application that I produced for Organic. Lets a user sign in, and add products to their "closet" while shopping, as you would add products to a shopping cart. The customer can then go to their "closet", and manipulate the products, arrange them into different outfits or collections, view information about them, or add them to their shopping cart and purchase them. The frontend is Flash 5, which communicates via an XML protocol that I designed with the Weblogic server and Oracle database on the backend.


life thumbnail Director is a lot better on the code-speed side than Flash, so this version is a good deal better than the one above. (src)
quad test thumbnail Man, quads showed up, and they were cool.
lsystem thumbnail Plant "breeding" algorithms from Prusinkiewicz's book. I wrote a GA backend component to allow users to interactively manipulate an l-systems "gene pool", but that broke when I changed servers, and I haven't had time to fix it. In the meantime, the standalone version is fun enough. (src)
3d maze thumbnail An early 3-D demo I produced in preparation to do a game for Stan Lee Media at Organic. The deal didn't happen, but this is still kind of neat. (src)
tank thumbnail A fairly early Director game. Man, 1999. That was a while ago. (src)